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Predictions 2024: The Trade Desk

In the latest installment of Rise's Predictions 2024 Series, Mina Salami, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Rise Interactive, engaged in a conversation with Morgan Borkowski, Account Executive at The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk (TTD) helps marketers unlock the true potential of the open internet, empowering them to reach the right customer, on every channel and device, across the entire customer journey. Pushing the boundaries beyond typical predictions on audience solutions, we are thrilled to unveil TTD’s cutting edge strategies and AI solutions for marketers and companies in 2024.

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Prediction #1: Embrace the Power of Retail Data

Retail data, such as sales and loyalty card information gathered from major retailers like Walmart and Target, serves as a golden ticket for brands to efficiently engage their target audiences while also gauging concrete sales results. When exploring the utilization of retail data, brands can be broadly categorized into two groups: endemic brands, directly affiliated with specific retailers like Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands, and non-endemic brands, which includes brands not directly selling through retailers, such as those in the Insurance and Financial Services sectors. 

According to eMarketer, 58% of media decision-makers currently incorporate retail data to shape their media strategies. 

While retail data logically benefits endemic brands by providing valuable first-party data and facilitating connections with customers, The Trade Desk’s predicted growth surge of retail data is expected to manifest by non-endemic brands.

Key Takeaway: A recent national survey by TTD Intelligence found that a substantial 91% of U.S. advertisers plan to either maintain or increase their investments in retail data in the coming years.

With more data also comes more privacy concerns. Curious about retail data consent, Salami asked how retailers and advertisers are ensuring they adhere to privacy laws when it comes to retail data usage. In response, Borkowski outlined that “TTD's cutting-edge technology, featuring UID 2.0collaborates seamlessly with retail data providers to facilitate privacy-centric yet intelligent targeting, assuring consumers that personalized messaging is delivered securely and in a legally compliant manner.” Stringent laws and guidelines are in place to safeguard individual information, including robust approval processes for specific brands, industries, and use cases. 

Prediction #2: Deliver Hyper-Relevant Ads with DOOH

Borkowski's second prediction took a turn towards the digitization of screens, spotlighting the transformation and immense programmatic potential of Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, spanning across billboards, bus stops, and more. DOOH is surging in popularity, but numerous organizations have not yet embraced its full capabilities. In an era where screens are ubiquitous - found in elevators, mall kiosks, and even car charging stations - DOOH eradicates the prolonged lead times and costs linked to traditional OOH ad production. Enhancing targeting strategies and revolutionizing measurement capabilities become achievable by integrating programmatic capabilities into this conventional siloed channel, while also multiplying touch points for advertisers to engage with their target audiences.

DOOH Ad Examples

Stepping out of the box with DOOH:

  • Targeting and tracking capabilities, once confined to the past, are now seamlessly integrated. Advertisers can apply the same precision targeting utilized in other channels, such as display and video, to elevate the effectiveness of their DOOH campaigns. 
  • Mobile ID passback facilitates the tracking of user exposure, providing a comprehensive understanding of the user journey – from initial awareness to consideration and, ultimately, conversion.

This surge in DOOH will empower advertisers with unparalleled opportunities for advanced targeting and full-funnel measurement. The tangible result is a proven return on investment that cements programmatic advertising's role in reshaping the advertising landscape. As screens continue to proliferate, the future of programmatic advertising will hold the promise of being even more dynamic and transformative.

Fostering Comprehensive Success for the Future

With a steadfast commitment to technological advancement and privacy-centric practices, The Trade Desk is equipped to shape success narratives for companies across verticals and industries in the coming years. 

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