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There's an Alert for That: The eCommerce Marketer's Edition

Dear eCommerce marketer,

Do any of the below scenarios sound familiar?

  • You find out on Day 9 of your 10-day Promotion event that you’ve only spent half the media budget you had planned, and as a result you didn’t hit your sales target.

  • One of your products saw a huge spike in demand that you hadn’t anticipated, and you missed out on sales because your media bids weren’t aggressive enough.

  • You are balancing your spend between Amazon Advertising and Google Shopping for different products, but you don’t know when to shift spend to maximize ROI.

  • You are running ads for thousands of products on Facebook and are crossing your fingers that the algorithms are making the best spend decisions for your business.

  • You are paying an agency to help solve these challenges, and while you aren’t planning to check in on every detail of what happens day-to-day, you’d like more on-demand transparency into the actions your agency is taking to drive your business forward.

These are just a handful of obstacles we hear about from eCommerce brands. Our teams at Rise knew we could solve these challenges—and many others—in real time by building the right data infrastructure and data mining capabilities. Enter: Connex Alerts.

Why We Built Connex Alerts

For a more detailed, slightly geeky explanation of our journey to building Connex Alerts, you can check out this introductory post.

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Below is a sampler pack of Connex Alerts we use to help our eCommerce clients look like marketing wizards. How do Connex Alerts work? The Rise team configures each of these Alerts to trigger a message to our emails, phones, or Slack as often as we’d like when the Alert’s criteria are met. An Alert only fires if there is an action that needs to be taken based on the established criteria. When a Riser receives a Connex Alert, they click through to a list of the specific campaigns or ads that met the criteria and require an action. Connex even has an Alerts Workflow module that allows our teams to comment on and resolve each Alert, which provides transparency and accountability. Clients can subscribe to Alerts if they choose to, but the primary purpose of Connex Alerts is to focus our teams on the highest impact actions and cut through the noise of disparate data sets across platforms.

Here’s the real-time information our teams are receiving to drive better results for our eCommerce clients:

  • Connex, Alert me when one of my product categories is exceeding ROAS goals by more than 10%, AND I need to increase a budget because spend is pacing too hot
  • Connex, Alert me at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm if my promotion campaign spend isn’t on track

  • Connex, Alert me when the ROAS for a specific product on Amazon has exceeded the ROAS on Google for 3 consecutive days

  • Connex, Alert me when I’ve spent more than $50 advertising a specific product on Facebook and haven’t had any sales

  • Connex, Alert me when my display campaign for the “Holiday Shoppers” segment of my CRM is performing above goal on The Trade Desk and below goal on Google Display (or vice versa)

  • Connex, Alert me when I need to stand because I’ve been sitting for too long. (Just kidding, Connex can’t do that… yet.)

Since launching Connex Alerts, we have produced dozens of examples of improved performance as a direct result of our teams’ taking action based on real-time information across platforms.

We’re excited about Connex Alerts, and we’re only beginning to unlock their power and develop even more creative and innovative insights to configure.

Want to know if There’s an Alert for That for your eCommerce challenge? Reach out to Rise today, or me directly - I love a data brain teaser. Stay tuned for future editions of There’s an Alert for That to learn how Connex Alerts help our teams drive better results for B2B marketers, healthcare marketers, consumer services marketers, and more.

06/22/2021 at 12:48