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There's an Alert for That: The Healthcare Marketer's Edition

What is a Connex Alert?

Connex Alerts are a core piece to Rise’s team + technology approach to a holistic healthcare marketing program. See how they work.

At Rise, we use our Connex Alerts technology to help our healthcare clients make smarter decisions using real-time data across channels. There’s an Alert for That has returned—this time for healthcare marketers. Read on for 3 real-time alerts designed to solve a few of the industry’s most challenging pain points.

Challenge #1: I’ve spent too much of my budget on conversions that don’t result in realized appointments.

Before diving into the alert setup for this challenge, you’ll need a crucial piece of the foundation: technology that connects offline data from your CRM or back-end tracking system with online activity. Call intelligence technology solutions like Invoca, a Rise partner, help by stitching calls and call conversions back to cross-channel media performance. Once offline data is successfully integrated, we then use Connex’s reporting features for a unified view, across all channels, of metrics such as qualified leads, pipeline value, opportunity conversion rate, and won revenue.

Then, it’s time to configure alerts that will act on those reports—informing us in real time when any campaign, tactic, ad, audience target, department, or keyword across our program is (or isn’t) driving the right types of leads for our business. Any KPI or metric that we track in Connex can be used to develop custom alerts. Here are a few examples for this use case:

  • Trigger an alert when I’ve spent more than $X on a campaign, tactic, or audience and it’s produced less than Y realized appointments. → This information allows you to adjust spend in real time before a significant amount of your budget is used on a poorly-performing campaign or tactic.

  • Trigger an alert when a campaign, tactic, or audience has a lead to appointment rate less than X%. → This information shows you where your messaging or targeting may need adjusting to attract the right types of leads.

  • Trigger an alert when an ad or keyword has driven more than $X of appointment-based revenue in the past three months. → Understanding which messages and journeys are resulting in the least amount of friction between you and your community allows you to double down in those areas and scale learnings to other campaigns.

Challenge #2: Each department / center of excellence has its own budget and goals; I’m overwhelmed having to manage the nuances of each campaign.

Healthcare marketers are regularly challenged to treat each center of the hospital system as (essentially) its own brand, each with distinct personas, creative, budget, goals, and tactics that need singular attention. Connex Alerts enable marketers to see the most important details without losing sight of the full picture.

  • Trigger an alert when I am exceeding my Cost Per Lead goal by more than X% for these specific centers. → If stakeholder management varies between centers, some of which have tighter budgets, this information will keep you on the pulse of the areas where efficiency is key.

  • Trigger an alert when branded spend for any center is off-pace by more than X%. → For centers where trended search data varies greatly between time periods, healthcare marketers need tech-enabled agility to fund the journeys trending now.

  • Trigger an alert when I’ve spent more than $X on a specific center, but the volume of realized appointments is less than Y. → This alert delivers a report of the centers needing diagnostic attention to boost business impact. 

Each of the above alerts can be configured based on aggregate performance across all of your digital channels, or any one digital channel or platform.

Challenge #3: My reporting doesn’t account for the complex revenue margins from each center.

Building effective business goals requires reliable revenue metrics and forecasting, a significant challenge for healthcare marketers as the variety and combination of patient solutions is unpredictable. 

  • Trigger an alert when a campaign, keyword, or center is exceeding X% of revenue with less than Y% of spend. → Think about your total spend and revenue in any given time period as a pie chart, divided up by campaign, keyword, center, tactic, etc. While you may not be able to forecast the share of each section, you can monitor if the areas working hardest for you are getting the necessary budget to continue delivering.

  • Trigger an alert when my revenue volume has fallen below a certain threshold in the past 7 days for a specific center. → With this information, you can be nimble and adjust strategy as needed based on potential performance issues in real time.

Connex Alerts are uniquely designed to solve your brand’s most complex challenges. At their core, Alerts are proactive notifications on any metric, in any time frame, for any media tactic. Through our people plus platform approach, Rise’s strategic team of marketers designs tech-supported media programs for our clients to achieve faster growth. 

Want to know the Alert for your healthcare challenge? Reach out to Rise today.

10/12/2021 at 12:48