Mastering Frequency while Tying CTV Ads to In-Store Visits

Connected TV Case Study


Meineke is a franchise-based leader in automotive repair services, with more than 900 global locations.

The Challenge

The popular auto repair service provider wanted to drive customers into store locations, but struggled to measure the incremental reach of their digital media efforts.

The Strategy

Rise recommended a Connected TV (CTV) focused strategy to reach an engaged audience. Activating The Trade Desk’s live event deals, Meineke aligned with premium inventory like NHL and NFL games. Then, by layering on third-party data, the advertiser was able to reach the right audience while they engaged with premium content.

Using the Nielsen Over-the-Top (OTT) measurement capabilities available through The Trade Desk, Rise quantified the incremental reach of campaigns by measuring the exposed lift of CTV viewers who were not reached by ads shown on linear TV.

The On Target Percentage (OTP) across all the target demos was higher on CTV compared to linear TV. For ages 25-54, CTV’s OTP was 46% higher than the OTP for linear TV and across a younger demographic, 18-34, CTV was on-target over 180% more than linear TV.

Additionally, Rise was able to avoid ad saturation by using frequency caps. On average, viewers were exposed to the same ad one-third fewer times on CTV than via linear TV, making for a better consumer experience.

The Result

Through their strategic planning and activation, Rise reported ~48K Factual in-store visits over two months, driving 5% of users reached to a store location. Not only did Rise succeed in increasing brand awareness and reaching a new, unique audience, but it also helped to prove that CTV as a channel can ultimately lead to conversions.


higher conversion rate on live sports


lower frequency on CTV than linear TV


offline conversions