Faster eCommerce Growth using Amazon and Google


Revitive® provides a range of FDA-Cleared health products designed to boost circulation in the legs and feet to relieve pain, designed through decades of research and innovation.

The Challenge

Revitive needed a strategic business partner with digital media sophistication and reporting transparency to support its aggressive growth goals across search and marketplaces. With a small product catalog and niche target audience, the consumer health technology company needed to drive eCommerce sales volume without compromising ROAS. 

The Strategy

Part 1: Rebuilding Amazon & Search Accounts for Efficiency

Upon taking over the account, Rise used historical Google Ads data to inform a more robust Amazon Keyword strategy. 

  • Launched 117 new Sponsored Ad campaigns on Amazon (+1,261%) in 2 months.

  • Added 8,968 keywords (+388%) to Revitive’s Vendor Central and Seller Central accounts.

  • Built granular reporting to quickly identify wasted spend at the keyword level using Rise’s proprietary media optimization platform Connex.

Part 2: Scaling Marketplace Revenue with Testing Vendor vs. Seller Accounts

Rise developed a balanced approach to support needs and identify opportunities across both Vendor and Seller Accounts.

  • Focused testing in the Vendor account and copied successful new campaigns over to Seller to minimize the brand competing against itself. 

  • Prioritized spend to health products winning the buy box. 

Almost immediately, this agile approach to spend between accounts resulted in substantial incremental revenue—the highest monthly AMS revenue in the client’s history.

Part 3: Cleverly Integrating Google and Amazon Strategies

Rise closely monitored how aggressively Amazon was bidding on Revitive’s branded terms on Google using overlap rate and impression share data from Auction Insights. When Amazon surged their spend on Revitive’s Google keywords, Rise pulled back Google spend and let Amazon win the auction. Rise then reallocated that spend to winning the landing page experience using sponsored products to show visitors related Revitive inventory and block out competitors.

Within a month, this strategy increased revenue by 85% with a ROAS of over $8. 

Part 4: Integrating the Linear Model

When Rise began its partnership with Revitive, the brand shared the importance of integrating traditional TV broadcast ads, a significant source of revenue, into their growing digital program. Rise acquired a weekly TV schedule projection to align branded spend coverage with Linear TV ad buys. By doing so, Rise made sure Revitive health products were top of page on Google and Amazon when demand surged.

The Result


more sales on Amazon


increase in Revenue with only a 36% increase in Spend


increase in ROAS