Content Strategy & Full-Funnel Media Drive Leads

Cross-Channel Case Study

Top Financial Services Provider

This leading financial services provider is one of the largest banks in the United States. In addition to providing their customers with a wide array of banking and lending solutions, they also offer content and resources that promote smart financial decision making and wellbeing. 

The Challenge

This leading financial services provider used various financial content to organically engage with their audience. They wanted to provide a more robust and engaging user experience with this content and improve the available resources to help them make more informed financial and investment decisions.

Additionally, they wanted use these resources to drive traffic and generate new leads in order to

  • Drive new customer acquisition
  • Expand the number of services their current customer base used 

The Strategy

In order to amplify awareness for the brand and drive the growth they needed in traffic and leads, Rise’s three-part strategy focused on increasing brand visibility through SEO, educating and empowering users with an integrated content strategy, and activating a full funnel media campaign to drive even more potential new customers to the content. 

1. Site Wide SEO Audit & Website Optimization 

First, we conducted an audit of the entire website to identify opportunities for keyword optimization. We focused both on optimizing existing content as well as recommending an ongoing keyword strategy for new content that capitalized on relevant topics in order to increase organic search presence.

By focusing on SEO optimization across the entire website and all its content, we were able to boost this brand's organic search ranking while providing a roadmap for additional content creation and messaging about important financial topics based on SEO keyword data.

2. Data-Driven Digital Content and Resource Creation

A core part of our strategy was to appeal to this brand’s existing customer base through financial empowerment and literacy. We built unique calculators to help customers learn more about their mortgage payments, savings, and other relevant topics. 

Additionally, we created an updated portfolio of branded content to inform consumers about this brand’s financial service offerings and provide education and information on highly searched investment topics.

In order to cater to the consumption needs of both existing and potential customers, we focused on communicating these two topics through a variety of mediums and formats. In addition to content like blogs and articles, we also created video assets and infographics, which allowed us to connect with audiences through content relevant to their needs. 

3. Full Funnel Media Campaign

With a robust content and resource destination in place, it was time to amplify its impact by driving traffic through paid efforts. We supported our onsite initiative with an integrated, full-funnel media campaign across native and programmatic channels. Personalized messaging was delivered via granular targeting based on data signaling the level of user intent and position within the conversion funnel.

The Result

By executing this data-driven, integrated approach to SEO optimized content amplified by paid tactics, this brand was able to see their goals spring to life: 


Increase in traffic to optimized categories 


Increase in number of ranking keywords


Savings in CPA