Audience Exclusion Strategy Drives Incremental Revenue

Social Media Case Study


ColourPop is an American cosmetics brand, recognized as an innovative, trendy brand in the budget beauty category. Its mission is to offer high-quality, cruelty-free makeup products at wallet-friendly prices maintained by designing, manufacturing, testing, and packaging its products at its LA headquarters. ColourPop sells directly to the consumer via its eComm site, along with a select line of ColourPop products available in Ulta Beauty stores and online.

The Challenge

With its extensive range of cosmetic products, ColourPop engages in regular custom launches, showcases best sellers, and offers markdowns throughout the year. Managing bi-weekly product launches poses several challenges:

  • Frequent in-stock or out-of-stock changes
  • Introducing new products requires strategic visibility without overshadowing evergreen campaigns.
  • Remarketing audiences could overlap with prospecting segments throughout the different product lines

To sustain revenue growth and achieve the target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), ColourPop sought a more robust approach. This strategy needed to accommodate the high frequency of product launches while establishing a consistent, long-term testing framework.

The Strategy

INSIGHT: Meta emerged as the most effective platform for ColourPop, driving both new customer acquisition and repeat purchases from existing customers.

SOLUTION: Rise proposed a comprehensive three-part strategy to establish a sustainable and scalable social media campaign on Meta. This approach capitalized on ad units that showcased ColourPop's visually stunning products and packaging.

1. New Campaign Structure and Process to Balance Launches with Evergreen Winners

Rise tested a large catalog of ColourPop’s products using Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) to identify top-converting product lines that were consistently in stock. We developed evergreen campaigns to support those top products.

ColourPop’s expanding upper-funnel audience was targeted in launch campaigns. Each bi-weekly product release was assigned a unique launch campaign, including a variety of creative tactics to highlight each product in the collection and tailored targeting based on the specific theme of the collection. This consistent and structured campaign strategy provided visibility to a wider range of product offerings while allowing Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) to most efficiently allocate the budget among audiences, placements, and ads.

2. Consistent Creative Testing Framework with Applicable Insights

Within each campaign, Rise implemented a systematic testing process, incorporating various ad types and creative content. A detailed measurement strategy was employed to identify the most effective tactics for each product type. Leveraging this data, Rise discovered that innovative ad types, such as instant storefronts, not only boosted user engagement but also streamlined the path to purchase.

ColourPop Creative Testing Examples: Instant Storefront

3. Savvy Audience Targeting for Full-Funnel Efficiency

Audience testing, including lookalike and broader platform audiences, focused on expanding prospecting efforts, while refining retargeting with thoughtful exclusions to minimize overlap. To prevent ad competition, Rise devised a waterfall exclusion strategy, prioritizing the lowest-funnel audiences. This ensured that remarketing audiences exclusively viewed bottom-of-funnel creative tailored to drive conversions.

The Result


Increase in Revenue


Higher AOV


Larger Prospecting ROAS