Personalized Messaging Drives More Online Appointment Requests

Personalized Programmatic Case Study

Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Nicklaus Children's Hospital (formerly Miami Children's Hospital) is a world leader in pediatric healthcare with more than 650 physicians, 3,400 employees, and 130 pediatric specialties and sub-specialty offerings.

The Challenge

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital had aggressive goals to drive more online appointment requests year over year (YoY).

The Strategy

Rise created a smarter, more relevant programmatic remarketing campaign to drive online appointment requests by personalizing creative and messaging based on user-level data and behavior. 

Flexible Ad Units
Based on user-level data, each creative unit featured one of over 50 sub-specialty services, with Spanish or English copy, across a variety of lifestyle imagery -- totaling over 1,500 potential creative variations.

Smarter Audience Targeting with Machine Learning
Rise’s personalization recommendation engine provided a unique 1-to-1 ad experience, selecting each creative variation based on past performance data and user-level behavior. 

Hyper-Specific Landing Pages
Users clicked through to a landing page that matched the sub-specialty and language featured in the ad to improve likelihood to convert.

The Result

To confidently measure success, Rise executed a test & control study, where the personalized creative experience proved substantially more effective at driving online appointment requests.


increase in conversions vs. control group