Meta Business Partner

Rise's partnership with Meta is a valuable asset for our team and clients, offering a wide range of resources and benefits. These include comprehensive training programs and support materials that keep us up-to-date with the latest Meta features and best practices. We also receive personalized technical assistance, such as integrating Meta data through a custom API into our Connex platform, allowing us to provide real-time insights and optimization analysis for our clients' Meta campaigns.

Additionally, our partnership enables us to help clients set up the Meta Conversions API, which allows for the seamless onboarding of offline conversion data, providing a more holistic view of campaign performance. This integration enhances our ability to measure and optimize Meta campaigns for maximum impact.

As a trusted partner, Rise receives exclusive invitations to executive-level events, such as agency roundtables, where we can network with industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the future of Meta advertising. We also participate in collaborative initiatives, like the Meta Reels Creative Agency Program, which allows us to work closely with Meta's team to develop innovative and engaging ad experiences for our clients.

Other Partners

Rise has a longstanding and extensive partnership with Amazon Ads, being among the initial three agency partners since its inception.
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Rise is among the top 3% of Google Partners in the U.S. as a Premier Partner and Google Analytics Certified Partner.
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As a Microsoft Ads Elite Partner, Rise has priority access to product pilots and agency resources to bring strategic growth opportunities to our clients.
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