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5 Lessons from TikTok World 2021

On September 28, we attended TikTok World, a virtual event built to showcase “the future of creativity, community and commerce.” We went into the event eager to meet with peers and discuss the marketing opportunities exploding within TikTok. The event left us with a ton of inspiration—if you missed it, check out the key takeaways below.

The Power of TikTok (If You Didn’t Already Know!)

  • 92% of TikTok users say they take action after watching a video
  • In-feed TikTok ads are 23% more memorable than TV ads
  • 1.7x more likely to purchase products they discovered through ad

‘Act Like Marketers, Think Like Creators’ with Innovative Ad Solutions

Advertising can do more. On TikTok, brands have found a way to enhance the audience’s experience with their creative. A primary example of this is TikTok’s Hashtag Challenge, which redefined user-generated content in a world already so familiar with social advertising.

How did we get here? By thinking like creators and boldly leveraging the solutions on TikTok that felt innovative, such as:

  • Creator Marketplace: Marketplace to find/recruit creators for your brand/ads

  • Branded Content Toggle: Allow creators to show that their video is branded content

  • Creative Exchange: Self-serve portal that helps you create high-performing ads, manage approvals, and collect insights

  • Spark Ads: Boosted organic content from creator or business account proven to bring in over 3x more likes and view-through rate than similar sponsored content

  • Dynamic Scene (coming soon!): Uses machine learning to break down videos and enable faster re-purposing of existing ad content 

  • Instant Page: In-app landing page that loads 11x faster than average brand site

Measure Your Brand Story

TikTok has unveiled its Brand Lift study, a survey approach to one of marketing’s biggest questions. The app will serve questionnaires in-feed to those who have and have not seen your brand’s ad, giving advertisers the opportunity to optimize campaigns through user feedback.   

A Unique eCommerce Opportunity for Marketers Today

TikTok announced a significant update to its eCommerce capabilities with the release of TikTok Shopping, launching later this year. The upcoming API will allow brands to present conversion opportunities to target audiences without leaving the app. The full-service commerce solution directly integrates with your brand—TikTok even manages shipping and fulfillment. This is a unique opportunity for brands tapping into retail media to consider a first-mover advantage on a fast-growing platform.

The Sound of Your Brand: Evolving Ad Creative

The sound of Netflix starting up. The tune at the end of a McDonald’s ad. The catchphrase your favorite TikToker uses at the start of every video. What’s your brand’s sound?

Your audience comes to TikTok to be entertained, and sound is a vital component of the TikTok experience. Boost brand recall and make your media dollars go farther by paying close attention to the sound design of your ads. Translate your brand to a memorable audio with a trending song or helpful narration.

We loved hearing about the exciting future of TikTok for Business. Marketers, we want to help you consider this platform as part of your growth plan. Reach out to Rise to learn more about leveraging TikTok in your paid media program.

10/19/2021 at 10:26