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Amazon Advertising is now in Connex® Analytics

It's an exciting time in search marketing. The key players have changed, and a space once dominated by Google is now facing Pinterest, Amazon, intelligent agent search, and more. With different forms of search becoming a larger part of consumers’ lives, marketers face new challenges of how to best optimize search programs and allocate budget to the highest ROI tactics. Rise’s innovation roadmap is positioned to tackle these challenges head on, and we are excited to announce that our Connex® Analytics platform is now integrated with Amazon Advertising data.
With even more insights at our fingertips with Amazon integrated in Connex, marketers can now:

1. Analyze Keyword-Level Performance Across Engines and Ad Types
While Amazon’s Advertising business is booming, it’s relatively new on the search history timeline. Marketers are still navigating how to best use Amazon to grow sales, which means that brands that act first can gain a significant competitive advantage. With Amazon Advertising data directly in Connex, Rise clients and our search team can compare and optimize performance between engines at the keyword level. This means we have insight into how keywords are performing as a Google keyword, a Sponsored Brand Ad (formerly known as Headline Search ad), or an Amazon Sponsored Product.

In the simple example below, the Cost Per Click (CPC) for “sugar free cookies” on Amazon is six times more expensive than Google, but the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for the Amazon spend is 80% higher than Google. In this case, it may make sense to shift even more budget to the Amazon keyword. This is one small example of the power of leveraging cross-engine search data; in Connex, this information is available 24/7 and is updated multiple times each day.

Keyword performance by engine:
Google and Amazon performance data in Connex

We can also optimize keyword performance by ad type:
Sponsored products and headline search performance data in Connex

2. Manage Budgets and Goals at a Product Category Level
Connex saved reports can roll-up Amazon data to the product category level, as well as pace against unique goals and budgets for different categories. These views are very difficult or impossible to replicate in the current Amazon interface, which is why we have invested in building these automated views in Connex. By having product data pulled into an automated report, Amazon marketers can spend more time understanding why certain product categories are or are not performing and taking action to improve results.

Pacing performance in Connex

3. Drill into Performance Beyond 60 Days
Rise stores all Amazon performance data in Connex from the day we onboard a new brand. Marketers can now compare and analyze Amazon Advertising performance MoM or YoY for any custom date range during the time Rise has actively managed the account. We have seen significant improvements in efficiency and revenue scale by using historic Amazon performance data to better project performance and set budgets.

These views and insights are truly just scratching the surface on the impact of having integrated Amazon data in Connex Analytics. In future posts, we will dig into some additional examples and problems that Amazon marketers face and how to solve them. If you would like to learn more about how Rise can help elevate your Amazon strategy, contact us today.

09/19/2018 at 06:32