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3 Emerging Amazon Tactics During COVID-19

We’ve been observing a whole slew of new trends and tactics that Amazon has rolled out in the last few months. In this blog, we’ll highlight our top three and how we have been utilizing them to help our clients reach a wider audience in fun, creative ways.

Amazon Posts

What is it, and why is it important? Amazon introduced a free Pinterest-style type of placement that features a lifestyle image connected to a product. These placements are featured on the PDP, and are a great way to showcase your product with creative, eye-catching, custom content. Currently, the tactic is only available on mobile.

What you should be doing about it: Amazon posts look great, take up a lot of space on a product page, and are (most importantly) currently free to run! Act fast to develop a strategy so that you have coverage on both your page and competitor pages.

Sponsored Brand Videos

What is it, and why is it important? Amazon now allows for custom creative videos that feature a single product and run anywhere from six to 45 seconds on the SERP. Because these videos are autoplay, Amazon recommends making the first two seconds really stand out to catch the eye of the consumer. While this tactic started out mobile-only, we’ve been seeing it slowly branch out to the desktop as well.

What you should be doing about it: We’ve been waiting for this tactic for a while, and it has yet to disappoint. Videos have always been a feature on Amazon, but never fully utilized within advertising. We’re excited to add audio and video to our advertising arsenal —plus, it’s a great way to utilize the video content you may have been developing for other channels!

Sponsored Brand Custom Image Beta

What is it, and why is it important? Sponsored Brand ads got a huge facelift. Instead of merely the logo featured in the ad (boring), the new beta allows for a giant lifestyle image featured on both mobile and desktop. And, probably even more important,if you enroll in the beta, your ads will be eligible for a brand-new placement featured on the PDP directly below the fold called, “Brands related to this item.”

What you should be doing about it: With the advent of Sponsored Brand video and this new custom image beta, we know Amazon is trending towards ads that are visually striking and enhance the consumer experience. Lean into this trend by leveraging creative that illustrates a feature of your product. Additionally, it’s always smart to be ahead of the curve; the quicker you hop into this beta, the quicker you’ll be featured in the new placement on competitor pages.

As Amazon continues to release new features, your long-term strategy will be aided by a first-mover’s advantage. Rise can help you integrate and measure new tactics to make sure every dollar goes the furthest. Contact us for more information.

04/30/2020 at 03:03