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Amazon Store Enhancements: Unlock Your Amazon Store With New Insights Dashboard

Amazon Stores are a great avenue for customers to discover your product suite. However, what happens to those customers once they reach your Amazon Store has been a black box...until now.

Amazon recently released a new insights dashboard designed to help Amazon retailers better understand what happens to traffic that touches their Amazon store pages -- not only organic, but also external channel traffic (ex: PPC, Social, etc.).

Here's what's new:

  • New Metrics: With the release of the new Insights Dashboard, Amazon retailers are now able to view visitors, page views, page views per visitor, sales, and sales units.
  • UI Performance Dashboards: Amazon takes these newly available KPIs and allows advertisers to review, segment, and download data to identify traffic, sales, and source trends.
  • Tagging External Traffic: Lastly, and most importantly, the new Amazon Store Insights Dashboard allows advertisers to tag external traffic with an Amazon Source tag to identify the impact of traffic sources on Amazon Store sales.*

*It is worth noting this functionality is only available on Amazon store pages and driving traffic to Amazon PDP pages will not include this tagging ability.

What It Means for Marketers

While the new Amazon Store dashboard still has a ways to go from an analytics perspective--especially for those most familiar with any web analytics services (ex: Google Analytics)--this update is a phenomenal step forward for Amazon retailers who want a better understanding of the impact of AMG or external advertising on their Amazon Store visits and sales.

The most exciting news for advertisers is that the new insights dashboard allows for Amazon-focused retailers and marketers to tag and test driving external traffic to the Amazon Store. This enables them to connect the efficiency of the KPIs for these campaigns against the revenue figures found within the Source dashboard.

While there were a few backdoor avenues to generate efficiency metrics before this update (ex: Amazon Affiliate tags) these have largely been sunset by Amazon over the last few years.

Said simply (and why we’re so excited), Amazon has opened the door for new strategies and tactics to take their retail partners to the next level.

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03/15/2018 at 02:09