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Takeaways from the Rise + Amazon Event

Last week Rise co-hosted an event with Amazon to educate brand marketers on how to develop a successful Amazon marketing strategy. We had speakers from Amazon discuss the importance of evaluating your Amazon retail health, assessing your product detail pages, and utilizing A+ content and Amazon stores. They also shared how display ads can complement search campaigns, on and off Amazon. Justin Garvin, Rise’s VP of Search, Amazon, and Social discussed the need for defending your top performing queries, developing a scalable account structure, and creating a holistic and integrated search strategy. We wrapped the day with a panel featuring two brands, Reynolds Consumer Products and Blueair, who discussed their learnings and challenges as they’ve integrated Amazon into their current marketing strategies. There was a lot of great content, but three key themes were consistent throughout the afternoon:

1. Amazon likes their acronyms! AMS, AAP, AMG, AWS, and ASIN are just some that were discussed during the event. As you bring Amazon into your marketing strategy, it is important to understand the difference between these terms and how they may be connected. The Amazon Marketing Services page has some good guidelines on these different products.

2. Profitability. This is important for both your brand and for Amazon. If you’re selling products on Amazon that are not profitable for them, they may tag your products as CRaP and will make it difficult to sell those products. Read one of Rise’s previous blogs to understand this impact and things you can do to avoid being tagged.

As for your own brand, know that it may take a while for your Amazon channel to become profitable. A successful Amazon strategy requires upfront investment to build momentum and test across tactics. You may not see an immediate ROI, but don’t get discouraged. Work with other stakeholders within your organization and educate them on a realistic timeline to drive profitable Amazon revenue.

3. Don't wait! Every day you’re not on Amazon is another day your competition is on Amazon -- which means they’re getting profits first. Although you may not have your strategy perfectly planned, there is something to be said for just being on Amazon. With nearly 200 million shoppers in the US alone using Amazon for product discovery, research, and purchasing, consumers are using this platform in many areas of their purchase journey and it is important to capture that potential.

Whether you are just starting your Amazon marketing journey or are in need of a more strategic approach, reach out to Rise and talk to one of our Amazon experts today.

05/30/2018 at 07:52