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Amazon Posts: A Free Engagement Tool for eCommerce Advertisers

If you are looking to increase your brand’s presence and improve customer experience in the Amazon marketplace, look no further than Amazon Posts. This feature allows brands to effectively emulate their social media feeds on Amazon.

Amazon Posts is a type of image-based browsing that allows users to interact with brands in a way that Amazon has not seen. With Posts, users can browse a customized visual feed from your brand displaying a curated collection of inventory, instead of being single-product focused. As a result, brands will see increased awareness and engagement, additional routes of traffic to PDPs, and possibilities for upselling and boosted sales. Best of all, this is a free feature to utilize.

Setting up Amazon Posts

If you’re selling on Amazon and want to set up Amazon Posts, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign into your brand profile on posts.amazon.com.

2. Repurpose the custom image.

3. Add a caption.

4. Tag a product.

5. Repeat.


Creating an Amazon Post

If your team is tight on bandwidth and launching another tactic feels intimidating, creating a Post can be as easy as recreating social media posts that your brand is already running. The value-add of increasing your brand awareness and customer engagement is priceless compared to the few minutes it takes to set up (and remember, it’s free).

Posts will show up on your own Branded and Competitor Detail Page Carousels, Category feeds, and other related product feeds. Once a user engages with your brand, they can choose to follow your Posts, allowing your brand to keep their interest and continue nurturing toward conversion.

We suggest using multiple types of images for these Posts and A/B testing them to determine which types are more successful for your brand. For example, a lifestyle image vs a product image, or a collection of products vs a single product image.

The most important part of Amazon Posts is that brands can drive users to their PDPs without any extra cost. Although sales cannot be directly attributed to Posts, we can still measure Viewable Impressions (wherein at least 50% of the post was on the screen for longer than 1 second), Engagement (clicks), and Engagement Rate (CTR) to assess which Posts are helping to build the brand story and drive incremental success.

To get started with Amazon Posts through a data-driven agency partner, reach out to Rise.

07/22/2020 at 06:04