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Taking a Business-First Approach to Media Management

Most marketers recognize a rookie to the craft when they see one: a big ideater with little regard for goals and objectives in their campaigns. While marketing experts know that defining KPIs is essential pre-work to any campaign, true marketing leaders will know which KPIs are worth tracking. Hint: it’s not always raw conversions or leads.

In fact, there’s no uniform way to define KPIs for a campaign. At Rise, we stress a business-first approach to media management with each of our clients, requiring our teams to understand the unique business challenges facing a given account before spending a dime. 

Getting Started: Identifying Business Goals

Don't make KPIs your first decision in designing campaign goals. Start here: what are your business goals? Naturally, this exploration will lead down different paths for different industries. For example, you may consider one of the following arenas as your brand’s primary source of growth:

Lead Generation/Consumer Services Brands

  • New customer acquisition 

  • Renewals and customer retention

  • Revenue growth across business units


  • Profitability after sales

  • Revenue across product lines

  • Market share/new customer acquisition

Once you’ve identified what business growth means to your C-suite, you can start looking at the trended data points that contribute to these goals: 

Lead Generation/Consumer Services Brands

  • New customer acquisition → Qualified Call Conversions, ‘Learn More’ Form Fills

  • Renewals and customer retention → Account Upgrades, Referral Tracking

  • Revenue growth across business units → ROAS, Opportunity Value


  • Profitability after sales → Profit Margin by Product SKU

  • Revenue across product lines → ROAS, AOV

  • Market share/new customer acquisition → Prospecting ROAS, Unique Conversions

As you can gather here, tracking button clicks is not part of the measurement workflow. If you’re optimizing media toward traffic, you’re missing out on opportunities to evaluate user experience and turn visitors into customers.

Run it Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Once you understand the digital KPIs directly connected to business growth and you’ve identified the integrations required to optimize performance, it’s time to make it easier. The hard truth is marketers who leave reporting at data aggregation are less likely to sustain that level of reporting long-term. Why? As you scale your campaigns and introduce more information, there simply isn’t a human way to sift through thousands of data points and take action against them in real time.

Enter: automation. Rise’s proprietary media optimization platform, Connex®, uses proactive intelligence and automation to deliver real-time insights on cross-channel data. This enables our team to make impactful media changes within minutes of detecting anomalies. Using automated bidding enhancements and search term reports, our teams can confidently scale digital campaigns without losing precision. 

How closely is your measurement workflow aligned with business goals? Rise can get you closer. Contact us to meet with a digital marketing expert about your business growth.

05/06/2021 at 12:21