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Compare and Optimize Paid Social Performance Across Custom Categories, Geos, and More

As advertisers continue to invest more of their budget in paid social to reach their target customers, it is becoming increasingly important to have a measurement framework in place that clearly shows which messages, audiences, and targeting are working, and which are not. While the custom reporting segments available in native social platforms are a strong starting point, the reality is that brands’ businesses and goals are nuanced. Brands that understand the characteristics of their audience that convert from promotional messaging vs. how-to content, for example, will have a significant edge over their competitors in generating results from their social investments. So, how do brands evolve from general, aggregated performance data of their social campaigns to true, actionable insights that allow them to connect with their customers in meaningful and ROI-positive ways? It all starts with having the right campaign naming convention strategy that tracks the attributes that matter to brands, and the right reporting platform that can slice and dice campaigns based on these attributes.

Now supporting Facebook and Instagram, Rise’s proprietary analytics platform Connex® has streamlined the paid social performance process. Our approach to naming campaign data paired with our data powerhouse makes it possible to create custom reporting segments including geography, service line, creative concepts, and more, comparing performance across each segment.

Paid Social Inisghts now available in Connex, Rise's proprietary analytics platform

Your paid social strategy is as unique as your business, and your data should reflect that. For example, if you are an eCommerce brand with many sub-brands or departments, each selling hundreds of thousands of products, you’re likely balancing initiatives from competing stakeholder groups. A customizable data view would make a huge difference in fulfilling the unique business goals of, for example, seasonal teams and co-branding teams.

Let’s look at how Connex can support these competing business goals. In native platforms, you typically have access to the performance data of each ad set. If you break that information down in Connex to a granular view by creative, you can gain demographic insights within the performance data.

Demographic Insights within Performance Data in Connex

What makes this process essential to your team’s success is the ability to report on critical data such as Wasted Spend. Once you break out every social initiative by feed placement, creative, audience location and demographics, and more, you can focus on what matters to your brand’s bottom line: nixing your ad dollars in the segments where ROAS is low, and boosting the segments where ROAS is high.

At Rise, we believe custom insights are imperative to meeting business goals, so we built the technology to make that possible. From a granular, product-by-product view, to a cross-channel spend optimization, we can find your answers faster.

08/07/2019 at 06:14