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Maximize Snapchat Performance With Connex

Connex® transforms the way marketers can analyze and optimize their data. Connex is Rise’s award winning, media optimization platform that takes the natural strengths of the native ad interface and makes it even easier to review the data that matters most. Connex is the diamond in the insights rough that you always wished you had, but never knew you could get. 

With all of your Snapchat metrics integrated into Connex, it takes your performance optimization to a whole new level. With just a click or two, you can see all of your main KPIs in comparison to any attribute that is part of a naming convention. Let's think about that in more detail for a second. 

Here are some examples of how Connex shortens your days of digging for innovative social media insights:

How can you instantly visualize and analyze historic performance of Snapchat’s Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), all in one place?  Connex.

What if you need to find out if ROAS is only high because you didn't spend enough and left money on the table, but you don’t have time to export an Excel doc and make a pivot table to figure it out? Connex.

What if you want to see performance of your Snapchat Story Ads, Lenses, or new Augmented Reality creative? Connex.

How can you compare one year of Snapchat Impressions to the year before, or other custom time frames? Connex.

Plus, that’s just the start. There is everything listed above and more in Connex’s Cross-Channel Insights! This section adds in the results across digital marketing channels. This gives you the ability to analyze the performance of:

  • Snapchat vs. Other Social Media Platforms
  • Paid Social vs. Paid Search vs. Programmatic
  • Custom combinations of those two views


Where you can compare Snapchat data to other engines AND other channels, all in one place.

Wait wait wait, one more thing. Now that you know how to find insights in a snap (c'mon, I had to!), you'll have more time for some sleep. That's where Connex Alerts come in. With Connex Alerts running 24/7, Rise teams take immediate action on value-driving opportunities that exceed business KPIs faster. 

These alerts are Rise's award-winning function of Connex that push notifications about digital media performance in real-time. Alerts can be shared via email, Slack, or SMS and proactively notify users of areas of opportunity, right as they are happening.

Want to learn more about Connex and improving your Snapchat and social media performance? Contact us!

09/29/2022 at 02:08