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Customer Experience Strategies That Inspire

It is well established that Rise is a data-driven marketing agency. Sure, we deliver the best in industry results, however, we also focus on delivering remarkable experiences for our clients as well as the consumers they serve. In fact, in today’s marketplace, the customer experience and customer connection continue to manifest itself as not only a key to success but a true competitive differentiator and disruptor. In order to do this well, it does take a little research, some optimization, and an injection of customer-centric strategies to really make an impact, but lucky for you, Rise can help. All you need is a little data, some insights, and time.

Wanting to be a customer-centric company and being a customer-centric company are very different things. Most organizations will claim to ‘want’ to be more customer-centric, however, there are some strong examples emerging daily involving brands who capture the emotion and loyalty of their customers. Before we talk about what it takes to efficiently push your business toward customer centricity, let's analyze a few success stories.

Vice Golf Balls: A cheap golf ball? Perhaps, but they speak directly to the “every golfer”. They provide a personalized digital (only) experience—you just answer a few questions and get the ball that is best for you. It is a ‘by us, for us’ approach which values the consumer, leans on transparency, and provides quality. Not only are people getting a quality product, but they are also becoming advocates and relating to the brand. You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to hit the links, and Vice Golf Balls allow every golfer to use a product that was designed for them, not the pros. This brand is on the rise.

Neiman Marcus: Already known for an elevated in-store experience, Neiman Marcus is now seamlessly integrating digital and in-store shopping in creative ways. For example, their website recalls shopper inputs like size preferences and uses geo-location to feature items that are available at nearby stores. Email marketing and direct mail campaigns are also personalized to feature new arrivals and local store events that are most relevant to the customer. Once a shopper makes it into the store, they can record 360-degree videos of themselves as they try on clothing to view later, and can upload photos of items they like via their Snap-Find-Shop feature. This feature delivers a curated list of similar products currently available for purchase. Neiman Marcus continues to speak to their core client, while also innovating the luxury shopping experience.

Niche retailers making an impact: Graze, All Birds, and Bird Dogs. Not only does unique disruption break through the noise, but the practice of filling a niche and delivering a product for a very specific audience has made a comeback. In fact, this comeback is so large that the mega-retailers are facing ‘death by a thousand cuts’ (ok, maybe not death, but certainly impact to the bottom line). By minimizing their audience, they can speak directly to a self-identified community. Products like Graze, All Birds, and Bird Dogs sell essentially one thing (snack boxes, sneakers, and shorts). Limited variety, small footprint, but a crystal clear message and audience.

How then, does Rise use its Connex® platform and data-driven approach to help our clients move faster? Rise provides two different and unique value adds which enable improved focus and execution on customer experience—data and time. Connex enables digital execution and optimization through automation saving marketers time. Identifying and implementing new strategies, keywords, and capturing trends faster than any human team can. By unlocking insights by campaign, creative, and channel you can make decisions faster, better optimize your programs, and re-invest the valuable time saved on analysis directly into your digital experience. This ensures your digital execution keeps up with the speed of your customers and delivers the top-notch experience they expect.

The sooner you can enable and optimize the Connex engine and unleash the speed of optimization in digital, the sooner you can center your marketing talent on the customer and driving your bottom line. Contact Rise to learn more today.

09/11/2019 at 07:03