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Creating a Data-Driven Vision for Your Brand’s New Website

Do you have a data-driven understanding of your audience’s behavior on your website?

It’s essential that the pre-work of a website redesign project includes making the investment to collect user experience data. Without a quantitative understanding of your current website’s performance, you can’t have a vision of what the future site should look like to meet business goals.

In a recent virtual event hosted by Rise, our partner Nicklaus Children's Hospital co-presented to share the story of their successful website redesign. Robert Prieto, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Manager of Web Marketing, started at the company when their website was running on a legacy CMS. The hospital later redesigned their website to an enterprise CMS, however it was not informed from customer feedback. When presented with this project, Rise wanted to take a comprehensive approach, so one of the first things we suggested was to analyze the customer data.

Rise was able to do this through the following steps:

  • Sending out customer surveys: This was one of the most crucial components to designing the new website. On the old website, after 5 pageviews, 78% of polled users said that they still had not found what they were looking for. When users were asked in the survey what they were looking for on the page, the most common response was services, appointments, and billing. This survey made it clear that the new website needed to make these components more accessible.
  • Analyzing heat and click maps/session replay: This step allowed the team to understand user behavior on the site. In other words, they were able to see what parts of the website users engaged with the most, and where there was friction in the path to conversion.
  • Conducting persona analysis: Understanding the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital audience was another important step towards rebuilding the website. The hospital has a vast audience from vendors to parents, so designing a website that would cater to the needs of all audience segments was essential.

Doing the pre-work of gathering data and analytics creates the best foundation for your company's investment in a website to truly pay off. You will not only have the qualitative and quantitative data that supports the decisions you will make, but you have a better understanding of what your consumers want from your website and how you can set your business apart.

If you are interested in learning about how the use of data and analytics can be beneficial to the success of your company’s website, reach out to Rise.

06/24/2020 at 01:09