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Depicting Data and Decisions: Key Takeaways from IMLS® | Analytics

If you’ve ever been to one of our Integrated Marketing Leadership Series events, you know that the day is full of actionable insights. That was true this October in New York as nearly 100 marketing leaders came together to take a deep dive into marketing analytics. During IMLS® | Analytics: Connecting Data to Decisions, speakers from American Express, BlackRock, Harry’s Grooming, Atkins Nutritionals, and FedEx shared their strategic approaches to infrastructure, effective resource allocation, and leveraging data to execute on business goals. Rise’s VP of Analytics, Rajat Goswami, married customer journeys to micro-moments and missed data opportunities. To close the event, Mitch Lowe, co-founder of Netflix and CEO of MoviePass, shared case studies from his career to showcase innovative ways to apply marketing metrics to both customer engagement and company culture.

However, it wouldn’t be IMLS® without audience participation, nor would any analytics event be complete without a live capture of data. At the October event, we polled attendees to understand what they value most for marketing analytics success. “A holistic view of customer journey” was the most common response, with more than double the number of votes of the next two popular responses combined (“breaking down silos” and “executive buy-in”).

These marketing analytics success factors emerged throughout the day. To capture the themes and best practices shared in each session, a visual depiction artist provided live illustrations of each speaker’s main points. Below, we share those visualizations and a key takeaway from each session:

Key takeaway from the panel on Analytics Frameworks: Whether you build or invest in marketing measurement infrastructure, cross-functional teams can help break down silos and bridge the gaps in your data.

Key takeaway from Rise’s session, From Clutter to Clarity: Identifying the micro-moments in your customer journey can inform how and when to use the data you already have to add relevancy and value to your audience.

Key takeaway from the case studies on Marketing Insights that Fuel Business Outcomes: Whether you’re working towards personalization, optimization, or both, understanding the customer can reveal new marketing opportunities as well as drive business intelligence.
Key takeaway from the closing keynote, The Importance of Marketing Metrics & Innovation in Analytics: A culture of innovation and listening can help you know where to focus to reach your customers, employees, and investors.

Although IMLS® content is exclusive to those who attend, we hope you get a sense of the valuable learnings marketing experts share throughout the day. Stay tuned for the 2017 IMLS® calendar, and join us next year to share, collaborate, and learn with your peers.

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11/02/2016 at 01:45