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Five Digital Marketing Campaigns that Stole Our Hearts

How do you remain true to your brand while capturing the hearts of your followers on Valentine’s Day? It’s a fine line, but these companies stuck to their key performance goals while winning customers with heartfelt campaigns. Check out a few of our favorite Valentine’s ad campaigns below.


Necco’s Sweethearts Invites You to “Share Your Sweet Story," February 2016 + previous years

These heartwarming stories cover a range of traditional love to the meaning of strong friendships. Whether it’s a video about a couple who has spent 55 years together or a boy and his dog, all of them are sure to warm your heart.

Why we ♥ it

Necco’s sweethearts are an iconic symbol of Valentine’s Day. Without pushing an agenda or offering their product as a prize, they’re highlighting the purest reason for celebration on February 14.


Starbucks and Match Host the Largest Date, February 2015

These two major companies have partnered to make setting up coffee dates a breeze through “Meet at Starbucks.” With the click of a button, two people who indicate loving coffee on their profiles are able to reach out and grab coffee with each other.

Why we ♥ it

Starbucks used its ubiquity and used its tagging technology to reach an extremely large, coffee-loving audience. Of the three million users, 900,000 who mentioned “coffee and conversation” on were able to use this exclusive Valentine’s offer. This campaign is a perfect example of truly understanding your audience to not only serve relevant content, but also enable your customers to connect around shared interests.


NorthShore University HealthSystem Celebrates Heart Health, February 2015

By identifying the opportunity to highlight heart-health during Heart Health month, which happens to includes Valentine’s Day, NorthShore created animated social graphics informing followers of heart-healthy best practices, in a visually-appealing and easily digestible way.

Why we ♥ it

NorthShore’s strategic targeting led to 480 percent more shares on its social graphic campaign than similar social graphic campaigns from the previous year. The healthcare provider also saw nine times more likes on the social graphics than with previous infographics. Those numbers and the heart health awareness the campaign generated were not only impressive, but a superb way to show that Northshore’s heart is in the right place. The campaign also demonstrated the importance of tying in seasonality when developing your content marketing campaigns to maximize reach and truly resonate with your audience.


Ford Plans the Ultimate Blind Date Prank, February 2015

Ford used it’s pulse-raising Mustang to demonstrate what happens when a few unsuspecting gentlemen are set up on a blind date with a stunt driver. The reactions are priceless.

Why we ♥ it

The blind date video was a viral hit with almost 10 million views, within a week and a half after its release. Ford isn’t necessarily associated with love, but it nails the human element and hilarity that sometimes accompanies a first date with these videos. It also shows how to use the element of surprise as a way to impress your customers.  


A Virtual Coca-Cola Machine Surprises Couples, February 2014

The soft drink king created a virtual vending machine that surprises couples by appearing when a twosome passes in front of it. The vending machine asks for their names, and then provides a personalized experience that end with the couple receiving their own, real (and personalized) cans of Coke.

Why we ♥ it

This campaign is not single-friendly, but despite the status bias, we love the unique moment Coke creates for paired-off customers. It’s a spectacular way to build customer advocates and keep them engaged with the brand and its #ShareaCoke campaign, continuing the conversation long after their virtual vending machine experience.


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02/12/2016 at 12:00