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What eCommerce-Focused Brands Can Expect from the FB/IG Updates

Leveraging social media for eCommerce just got even more streamlined with newly-released Facebook and Instagram shopping features.

On May 19, Facebook announced the release of Shops, a free way for retailers to create an online store discoverable and accessible through company pages on Facebook and Instagram. The customizable shopping feeds can be linked anywhere on business profiles, or through product-tagging in posts. Shops allow consumers to browse and purchase products directly or by redirecting back to the brand’s owned checkout process.

The release includes an expanded tab on Instagram called “Instagram Shop,” expected to be released this summer. Users browsing Instagram Shop will be able to filter products across brands and categories, and even display these products for real-time shopping during IGTV broadcasts.

These releases will take a few months to roll out, and we expect their debuts to have a few impacts on eCommerce-focused brands, including:

  • More creators and influencers. These opportunities will have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to promote and sell products on Facebook and Instagram, an important metric when securing affiliations. With more influencers leaning into Instagram, it also means more influencer-based marketing opportunities for advertisers to leverage on the Instagram platform.
  • More opportunities to leverage existing advertising content. Once IGTV ads are finished rolling out, a recommended option for advertisers looking to scale will be expanding video creative to these placements as it will help get in front of users who are already in the mindset to consume video content.

While these options were created for small business accessibility to eCommerce, taking advantage of these shoppable feeds can be beneficial to high-SKU eCommerce brands with seasonal offerings. Ultimately, these updates are going to make it easier for users to find shoppable content in placements they’re already viewing, and that presents an opportunity to eCommerce brands of all sizes.

As these updates continue to roll out, Rise’s social experts will be keeping a close eye on the trends that most impact your brand’s bottom line. Reach out to us with any questions you have or to get more information on integrating these features into your strategy.

06/02/2020 at 06:44