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Google's Rich Snippet Customization Update

Between now and the end of October, Google will be adding a new feature that will allow sites more control over how their content is displayed in rich search results (ie. knowledge graphs, answer boxes, videos, images).

Rich snippet customizations won't guarantee a site will rank in the rich snippet result, but if a site does appear Google will follow the directives exactly.

What This Means

Google uses structured data to generate rich search results that are intended to present users with the most relevant and useful content for their search. Historically, structured data incorporated by webmasters has only been a suggestion for Google to consider, but Google has announced that these new snippet settings will be directives for the search engine to follow.

Having more control over what appears in rich snippets allows for a more strategic approach to structured data that could also help:

  • Increase organic traffic: featured snippets appear at the top of organic search results, for some sites yielding up to an 8% click-through-rate.
  • Increase CTR: enhanced information within rich snippets can return higher click-through-rates than generic search listings.
  • Increase SERP visibility: the aesthetic component of rich snippets can improve brand visibility overall.
  • Boost site’s credibility: appearing in a rich snippet suggests that a brand / site overall is relevant and credible to serve users’ queries.

How it Affects You

Overall keyword rankings and visibility should be unaffected by this update; Google will still crawl, index, and rank pages regularly. However, there are new opportunities to consider to ensure relevant information appears in featured results. You should monitor updates and trends for customization, and watch for future updates from Google.

To stay in the loop on all search trends, reach out to Rise. We’ll be following every update to Google’s technology and are ready to guide you through the learning curve.

10/23/2019 at 07:52