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Data Alone is Not Enough: How to Use It to Identify Opportunities — Fast.

To say that the proliferation of data available to digital marketers today is overwhelming would be a vast understatement. With thousands of ad tech companies and a lumascape that seems to multiply 10x every year, there has never been more digital marketing data available than there is today. And for every piece of data that exists, there are just as many marketing agencies and technologies who differentiate themselves by being “data-driven”. However, being able to answer key questions such as, “What kind of data are agencies using?” and “How are they using that data?” will allow a brand to be the most efficient with their budget. While there are many buckets of data categories, here are a few common ones to illustrate what we mean: consumer data, media data, competitive data, and industry data. When it comes to analyzing and applying media data to succeed, businesses need to be able to accomplish two primary objectives:

1.) Identify wasted spend
2.) Redeploy spend into scalable opportunities
Rise’s proprietary technology, Connex®, helps our team and our clients find and activate against these scalable opportunities fast.

Deep in the Details
The first key to identifying scalable opportunities in a search account is having the right account structure—this requires a detailed and granular approach to building out keywords and campaigns. Of course, the more complex a search account, the harder it is to dive deep, optimize, and scale effectively. This is why we built Connex to handle high levels of data complexity at scale. The platform can process millions of keywords, aggregated across multiple brands, business units, tactics, categories, and channels. In other words, we know the first step to success is having each account set up from the beginning to be structured and optimized to a deep level of granularity. This enables our team to identify a greater volume of keywords and ad placements where we can push spend, which ultimately leads to greater performance.
The Need for Speed
Granular account structures that amplify a search program’s complexity can also make answering simple questions fairly involved and time consuming. Connex can take the heavy lifting out of answering basic performance questions such as “What are my goals?”, “What’s my budget?”, and “How am I performing against my goals and budget?” We then decided it was important for brands to be able to quickly answer performance questions that align more closely with their unique business objectives. So, we innovated and are now able to report on budgets and goals in different views such as business lines or departments. With automated reporting that transforms complex data into straightforward views and dashboards, we are able to have more strategic conversations with our clients about their search initiatives and investments. Plus, we’re able to process all of the high data volume (think millions of keywords) in just seconds.
From Analysis to Action
With faster answers, our team has more time to identify the opportunities that will boost performance. We leverage a set of reports that, with one click of a button, can isolate a subset of keywords, campaigns, and opportunities to either reduce bids and budgets or maximize bids and budgets. These reports analyze data from hundreds of thousands (or even millions!) of keywords and summarize the results into actionable views.
At Rise, data isn’t just power, it’s in our DNA. Data drives everything from who we hire to where we allocate resources. It only made sense that we create the data platform we knew our clients needed—even with thousands of adtech products already out there. Only Connex lets us take vast tracts of data and turn them into actionable insights quickly and the proof is in the performance.
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11/07/2018 at 07:19