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Part 3 of The Incrementality Battle: The Right Technology

Digital marketers are always getting curveballs—major algorithm updates, social platforms like TikTok that explode into the industry, the imminent concern of precision targeting in a cookieless world—it’s a lot to juggle, and makes reporting and measurement feel like a new ball game every quarter. 

If you read part 1 and 2 of this series, you’ll know how strongly I advocate for incrementality testing in marketing measurement. Without it, the changing landscape of digital marketing will yield test after test with little proof that media spend has resulted in any additional lift to business KPIs.

Getting Started

Pulling all of the data together to manage a custom model and do consistent regression analysis can be a herculean effort. What was once a hefty project of compiling data from many different disparate sources is now available in a one-stop shop on demand using Connex® and Saved Reports.

The Connex Account Dashboard shows marketers every action Rise technology is taking within their accounts to improve performance at scale, from lists of new keywords that were automatically added into campaigns, to a detailed activity log displaying individual ad optimizations.

The Right Technology

Our proprietary technology, Connex, allows us to move the starting point of our work from data aggregation to consistent and ongoing advanced analysis. We build saved reports with the views we frequently need in a consistent format on an ongoing basis. These reports save hours of collecting and reformatting, and allow our team to make strategic decisions based on the results, as opposed to spending time building the report.

The right technology is an essential piece to your incrementality approach. Connex has the infrastructure to power your analysis by enabling quick manipulation of data. 

Applying the Insights for Business Impact

In Connex, marketers can aggregate millions of data points from dozens of advertising sources into one rolled-up view, while retaining the ability to drill down to a granular level of detail to understand the 'why' behind overall performance. By enabling granular views of performance data, marketers can feel empowered to measure incremental lift and justify media spend.

Measure incremental lift based on seasonality, geo, and more. 

Connex screen

Maximize performance during seasonal peaks by exploring incremental lift PoP. 

For every brand, seasonal peaks and valleys represent new opportunities to either capture new audiences or activate against audiences with messaging to drive conversions. Justifying media spend on upper-funnel tactics, such as using back-to-school season to bloat the office supplies prospecting pool, is an increasingly challenging task for digital marketers. Even more so than the number of data points needed to aggregate, conversion-based ad units like Google Shopping, Instagram Storefronts, and more make budget allocation decisions harder than ever.

With Connex, digital marketers can measure the impact of upper-funnel tactics on lower-funnel business metrics by tracking YoY data following seasonal promotions.

Measure lift over time by each of your target geographic areas.

For franchise models or brands with priority locations, granular performance data by region can illuminate major opportunities for media improvements. In Connex, marketers can break out performance by region without losing cross-channel data views, enabling budget re-allocation to the areas driving the highest return. Upon these re-allocations, marketers can track performance overtime and measure lift based on spend.

Want to learn more about Connex’s role in your incrementality approach? Reach out to Rise.

01/22/2021 at 10:01