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Your iOS 14.5 Questions - Answered

On April 20, in a press release about new products, Apple sneakily embedded major news for the future of privacy: iOS 14.5 is coming next week. Among its updates is a significant change for digital marketers: App Tracking Transparency.

What is App Tracking Transparency?

App Tracking Transparency requires developers to receive explicit permission from users to track them. This update was originally set to be included in iOS 14 released Fall 2020, but will instead now debut the week of April 26.

Apple devices opted-in use Identifiers for Advertisers (IDFA) unique to each device to connect user behavior between apps. This means unique targeting opportunities on major platforms like Facebook for eCommerce brands to connect app visitors to the social feed. 

Prior to iOS 14.5, users could access and disable IDFA manually in their settings. After iOS 14.5, all devices will be automatically disabled from IDFA collection, and app developers will need express permission from users to collect and share user data.

How does App Tracking Transparency affect digital marketers?

Depending on your brand’s targeting, App Tracking Transparency could have a significant impact on your ability to reach your target audience, especially through paid social.

Your brand may be relying on IDFA in two ways:

  • Serving ads to targeted prospects based on their browsing behavior on other apps.

  • Reporting on the success of your campaigns based on cross-app conversions (e.g., seeing an ad from your brand in their Facebook feed and making a purchase in your brand’s owned app).

The solutions to these issues are important and increasingly complex as privacy regulations continue to roll out. 

  • If your targeting is affected, you likely already understand that a big change is on the horizon and first-party data is more important than ever. You may need to work to offset the decrease in your audience size with a larger CRM audience.

  • If your reporting is affected, fear not. Rise’s proprietary media optimization platform Connex® was designed to knock down walled gardens and connect the siloed technology of your digital media. Consider the integrations available to you or reach out to Rise to learn how our technology is preparing marketers for the future of user privacy.

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What changes can marketers make now to limit consequences from iOS 14.5?
  • Integrate SKAdNetwork into your media tracking as soon as possible, if you haven’t already. This essential Apple-owned pixel will serve as your solution for tracking in-app purchases from ads.

  • Analyze your user behavior data to determine the share of KPIs resulting from iOS devices. This will help you forecast expected consequences and prepare for them accordingly.

  • Recognize that this is neither the first nor the last major privacy update to impact our industry. Ask your agency what their vision for the future is. If you’re looking for an agency with a history of innovation and investments in the future, reach out to Rise.

04/23/2021 at 10:17