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Leveraging Amazon for Full-Funnel Programmatic Initiatives

Recently, I wrote about about the power of Amazon’s Advertising Platform (AAP) and how marketers can take advantage of Amazon’s rich dataset. Whether the goal is awareness, consideration, or acquisition, AAP offers marketers the opportunity to reach potential customers in multiple stages of the purchase funnel. Before determining which tactics to use on AAP, it is crucial to determine the primary goal for the campaign. Below are three ways to leverage AAP depending on your goal type:

1. Awareness
Programmatic media is a great way to build awareness for a brand. Visually appealing creative can catch the consumer’s eye and quickly help turn prospects into customers. Marketers wanting to build brand awareness should consider top-of-funnel KPIs like reach, engagement, and viewability. Within AAP, Amazon’s performance reporting enables marketers to optimize across multiple top-of-funnel performance metrics including unique reach, CTR, and viewability rate.

For marketers who know their customer, Amazon’s first party demographic, lifestyle, and in-market segments are a great place to start in order to efficiently meet campaign goals. If you aren’t sure who falls into your audience, it’s easy in AAP to target users from a look-a-like model based on your Amazon e-commerce customer base. The audience overlap report illustrates users’ lifestyle and purchase preferences, showing how similar that audience is to the actual users who purchase your brands’ products on Amazon.

Leveraging AAP for awareness provides marketers with the greatest variety of supply sources. Not only can ads drive to Amazon’s owned and operated sites, but also third-party supply while using Amazon’s data. Amazon is a great place to start building awareness for brands across many verticals.

2. Consideration
Many potential customers leverage Amazon’s search functionality to research multiple products. Serving display ads to a user while they research products is a great way to ensure your brand is part of the consideration set when a user makes a purchase. In order to best measure performance for consideration campaigns, KPIs should include cost per site visit and CPA.

Tactically, consideration campaigns can incorporate similar targeting tactics to awareness campaigns. The segments within each targeting tactic should include users that have previously demonstrated an interest in similar products. Additionally, Amazon remarketing segments enable advertisers to target individuals that have viewed similar products but have not purchased yet.

3. Acquisition
Marketers should not ignore current customers or users that have exhibited interest in your brand. Acquisition campaigns are a great way to increase sales and nurture current customers to purchase other products. As the lowest funnel strategy on AAP, the ultimate goal should focus on ROAS and CPA. By efficiently optimizing sales, marketers can ensure they are increasing purchases on Amazon.

Leveraging site data from an advertiser’s website and building Amazon remarketing segments are the best ways to reach customers that have previously interacted with the brand but have not completed a purchase. Additionally, it is important to fill the funnel with relevant prospects. Leveraging Amazon’s in-market segments and creating look-a-like models off of a brand’s top customers is the most efficient approach. Over time, you will be able to remarket off your prospects.

To learn more about how to set up a strategy based on your goals, reach out to Rise.

04/16/2018 at 10:34