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The Meaning Behind an Internship at Rise Interactive

At Rise Interactive, interns are an integral part of our teams. Each summer, we welcome an exceptional group of interns to the agency to work on client projects, collaborate with colleagues, and build relationships with senior leadership, while being integrated into our company culture.

You’ll hear Risers referencing some common phrases within our walls. These words and sayings guide our approach to the work that we do for our clients and the way that we approach the business every day; they are even physically evident throughout the art in our conference rooms. While we share the stories and meaning behind these phrases with all new employees (including interns) during onboarding, once team members are immersed in the agency, these words often take on a personal meaning.

Read on to hear how our 2015 summer interns took these “Rise-isms” to heart and a bit of what they learned throughout their experiences at Rise. If you’d like to apply to be an intern at Rise, scroll down for more details – we’re accepting summer applications until February 15, 2016!

Pictured above: A few of the Rise-isms on the walls of our conference rooms.  

Be remarkable 

"[It’s essential to] engage yourself in your work and create something that is worth sharing."
Madeline Savant, Digital Marketing Intern (Social Media), Evolutionary Biology Major at the University of Colorado at Boulder

“At Rise, we don’t just strive to be successful. We strive to be remarkable and all of the qualities that come along with it.” 
– Kirsten Iversen, Digital Marketing Intern (PPC), Sports Management Major at Millikin University


Timely, complete, and accurate

“Rise made clear to me that the words ‘Timely, Complete, and Accurate’ are an essential part of how the company serves its clients. It is part of how the company operates as a collective and it is a crucial piece of how Rise is able to make good on its mission of ‘delivering remarkable experiences and superior results' for [its] clients."
– Michael Goldman, Innovation Team Intern, Math & Economics Major at the University of Chicago


Numbers are sexy. Results are sexier. 

“Our work needs to exceed client expectations and be completed promptly and efficiently. We are committed to making sure we are great partners to our clients and can help them achieve their business goals.”
– Ian Burns, Graphic Design Intern, Graphic Design Major at the University of Illinois 



“The Display team builds marketing campaigns by establishing the metrics that have been most indicative of success and tests these strategies on a day-to-day basis. They are aware of what excellence means as an external standard, but they focus even more on how they can improve the relationships with their clients; increasing the performance of key metrics and ensuring a prompt and comprehensive delivery of results are critical components in each engagement.”
– Judson Woods, Digital Marketing Intern (Display), Statistics Major at Harvard University



“The entire field [of digital marketing], including the lingo, the systems, and the work style, was extremely new to me. It was definitely confusing at first, but my colleagues at Rise are always eager to help me out.”
– Hannah Jaffe, Analytics Intern, Mathematical Economics Major at the University of Pennsylvania


Man & Machine

“I have learned to constantly manage my time and adjust to different tasks that present themselves while at work. This has helped me become a more impactful team member and has better prepared me for future adventures.”
Alex Franczek, Digital Marketing Intern (PPC), Marketing Major at Michigan State University



“Risers experience satisfaction when we see our clients having remarkable experiences and superior results. This is what helps build and strengthen client relationships.”
Dean Vitale, Internet Marketing Intern, Marketing Major at Western Illinois University

“As an intern, it’s extremely satisfying to know that our work is mutually beneficial. The work during our ten weeks at Rise is useful for the organization and is motivating and exciting for the interns.”
David Blechman, Account Management Intern, Business Administration Major at George Washington University


We are proud to have built a program that provides valuable learning experiences to our interns. Join us for the opportunity to be part of an award-winning team and work with exciting brands. Click here for more details and logistics on interning with Rise. If you have questions about the program, feel free to reach out to me at


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