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The Right Media Optimization Framework for Your B2B ABM Strategy

B2B marketers are facing digital acceleration and are now faced with the critical decision of how they can shift more of their marketing tactics to online media. For many B2B marketers, this shift has to accommodate an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, a specified list of accounts that serves as the central target audience in order to create more personalized experiences. At its most effective, ABM strategies can improve B2B marketing efficiency by capturing the leads with highest value and intent, thereby shortening the B2B sales cycle and growing media ROI.

So what does the most effective ABM strategy look like? For starters, it requires lock-step alignment between marketing and sales to close the loop on qualified leads. Below, we’ll dive into the steps of one essential component to this collaboration: the right media optimization framework.

The Right Media Optimization Framework

There is an art and science to delivering a strong, relevant customer experience. The art is setting up the right ads within the right media strategy targeting the right audience. The science is making sure you’re using data to tell you if the experience and journey a potential customer went on was good enough to make them convert. Being data-driven and having the right framework in place allows you to feel confident that your artful decisions are supported.

To establish this data-driven framework, your campaign measurement should be aligned to the goals you have set for business growth. Remember that customer experience continues through the web, into further engagements of research, and of course, their experience through both the marketing and sales funnels, all of which need a place in your plan. Establishing a framework that enables both efficiency in spend and efficiency in return is crucial, however, supporting metrics of engagement and experience will yield improvement opportunities through the larger digital experience. Let the data inform you on what is working and be agile to shift strategies to those tactics that are performing well.

Alignment to your CRM is the key. The impact of closed-loop on your marketing efforts through the sales funnel enables you to map efficiency and targeting directly to the dollars that produce closed business instead of solely relying on marketing metrics. This creates a full cycle of optimization, to impact, to conversion, and back to optimization.

Having a media optimization platform that can scale your optimization strategy is what brings all of this strategy to fruition. Connex is Rise’s media optimization platform that enables granular performance optimization aligned to our client’s business goals. Connex was born from the DNA of Rise’s industry-leading cross-channel Interactive Investment Management philosophy: an agile approach to digital media that operates with your bottom line in mind.

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12/09/2020 at 08:23