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VIDEO | The Million Dollar Question: Should you expand to Walmart Advertising?

Webinar thumbnail text 'The Million Dollar Question: Should You Expand to Walmart Advertising' with Speakers Blake Kidd, Mina Salami, Jeff Millan

Watch the on-demand webinar recording below to hear Rise Interactive Director of Marketplaces, Blake Kidd, and Associate Director of Partnerships, Mina Salami, present the ins and outs of Walmart Advertising with Pacvue Senior Account Executive, Jeff Millan.

“Yes!” is the resounding answer to the title question of if you should expand to Walmart Advertising, but the answers to “why” and “how” are less clear. If you’re already seeing some success with Amazon; why would you bring Walmart into the mix? How does it compare? If you do decide to adopt Walmart, how is it best used to complement your brand strategy? Blake, Mina, and Jeff explain the answers to those questions and many more during the webinar. 

Some highlights include:

  • Strategies for driving growth through retail media advertising
  • Four main reasons to adopt Walmart Advertising as part of a brand strategy: growth, competition, share of voice, and diminishing returns
  • Getting started with Walmart Advertising including tips related to media mix, search term mining, and reporting

We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to reach out with any questions using the information provided at the end of the recording or by using our “Contact Us” page!


  • 0:10: Presenter Introductions, Topic Overview, and Webinar Agenda

  • 3:12: Rise Interactive’s Approach to Multi-Marketplace Advertising

  • 6:42: Reasons to Expand to Walmart Advertising

  • 20:02: Getting Started on Walmart

  • 32:44: Key Takeaways & Predictions

  • 34:50: Q&A

02/04/2022 at 08:59