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Minute with a Marketer: Pampered Chef’s Recipe for Success

This month, we’re highlighting Mike DiMiele, Pampered Chef’s director of digital marketing. Pampered Chef is a leading provider of personalized, inspirational cooking solutions that are delivered by its community of 40,000 cooking consultants.

Here’s what Mike had to say about the brand’s digital marketing goals, current challenges for marketers, and more.
Mike DiMiele, Pampered Chef’s director of digital marketing

Q: Please share a bit about your role and your company.
A: As the director of digital marketing at Pampered Chef, I oversee the end-to-end digital experience for our customers and consultants. Within those experiences are our direct marketing channels: email, seo, content, and paid search. We are measuring the impact each campaign has for the business and on the customer experience across those channels. Aligning with key stakeholders across business goals allows us to improve on the digital standard we have today and connect our customers with consultants.

Q: What are your marketing goals for 2017?
A: We are extremely proud of the growth that we are seeing in the business. With deliverables around the best content, social presence, and digital experience, we plan to pave the way for the future of Pampered Chef customers and consultants. Focusing on the overall experience for our customers — may it be online or during an in-home party — gives us the opportunity to enrich lives, one meal and one memory at a time.

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge marketers currently face?
A: As a digital analyst at heart, I can easily say it is being able to effectively leverage online customer behavior and other data points across channels. While many companies can use transactional data to make decisions, or digital data to make directional customer experience decisions, not many companies are using data to its true capacity. Developing a strong CRM strategy that can provide the right insights, trigger the right programs at the right times, and attribute directly back to successful campaigns online and offline is a challenge.

Q: What was the best piece of business advice you ever received?
A: The transition from doing to delegating is critical. When you step into a role that has you managing high performing people, you must spend time focused on how to constantly challenge and elevate them. There is no shortage of projects, programs, initiatives or ideas in any company, so you must keep your team focused.

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?
A: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. My family owned a few different businesses during my childhood and I have been a part of that since I can remember. However, I always wanted to make sure that I balanced my career with well-rounded knowledge of the business and a supportive attitude like my mom exemplified every day growing up. I know how much it impacted my life and how much it can impact others.

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08/24/2017 at 05:32