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Multiple Category Budget and Goal Pacing for Search: Now in Connex®!

It's no secret that native search engines are not designed to provide easy-to-understand roll-up views of budget spend and pacing in customized views such as product category, department, or even as simple as branded vs. non-branded spend.
In response to the growing complexity with product or department-based budgets, custom campaign flights and retail weeks, and top-of-funnel vs. bottom-of-funnel ROI goals, we built a solution to allow our teams to organize campaign data to answer questions faster in the views that matter most to brands. In our most recent release of Connex® Analytics, we are introducing Multiple Category Budget and Goal Pacing, an automated dashboard that allows our clients and teams to monitor spend and performance in custom categories for initiatives with unique goals and budgets (see image below).

Monitor spend and performance in Connex

We are excited about this feature for several reasons, but here are our top three:

1. Building and Measuring More Intelligent Goals
Aggregate revenue and ROAS numbers rarely convey the full performance story. Many of our clients have mature measurement frameworks that allocate budgets and set goal KPIs based on the business results they are looking to drive – top-of-funnel customer acquisition, awareness, or sales to name a few. With this feature, we can provide visibility and insight into the success of our campaigns across different initiatives in real-time, and act on potential opportunities faster. We can also partner with clients to help develop these strategies.
2. Simpler and Faster Understanding of Category Performance
Brands often face challenges in managing various department or category-level stakeholders, budgets, and goals. In large, decentralized organizations, when business goals and budgets differ from one another, it can be challenging to manage the complexity within a single search account. This new feature automates the process of separating out budget and performance at these custom levels and provides an easy-to-understand dashboard of cross-department or other cross-category performance that brands and Risers can both access at any time. Together, this allows our team to make adjustments faster as we analyze results based on the segments and initiatives aligned to brands’ product, department, or service line organizations. The feature can also be used to segment budgets and goals by location or DMA.
3. Custom Date Range Reporting
We are very excited to support live reporting for budget and performance pacing for custom time durations. Whether a campaign lasts one day or several months, brands and Risers can access reporting on progress towards goals and spend for any desired custom date range. By automating the pacing reporting, our teams can spend their time acting on campaign data rather than compiling it. This has proven especially beneficial for retail brands on a 4-4-5 calendar.
To learn more about how Connex Analytics Multiple Category Budget and Goal Pacing can help skyrocket your business, contact Rise today.

08/20/2018 at 05:46