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Video | PPC Holiday Quick Wins

For digital marketers, the hustle of the holiday season is often punctuated with new trends, challenges — and a wide variety of opportunities. Within the last several years alone, we’ve seen factors like the pandemic, shipping delays, and economic uncertainty completely shift how consumers shop. Omnichannel experiences and data privacy-friendly advertising strategies are now keys to effectively helping consumers cross off tasks on their holiday shopping list.   

To stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to balance executing the most impactful plans with the time it takes to make them happen. In this video, Blake Kidd (Group Media Director) breaks down the PPC quick-wins you can leverage to increase holiday KPIs and take true command of your full sales funnel. For more detailed tips on holiday PPC success, check out our blog on the essential holiday paid search tactics and creative you need for incremental revenue growth. 

These holiday insights may have debuted in 2020, but they’re as relevant as ever for the upcoming holiday season. 

We’ve listed the timestamps for your convenience below: 

  • 1:25: Recap of notable results for enterprise brands (2017-2019)
  • 3:33: Timing is everything during the holiday season 
  • 9:23: Rely on historical data to inform your strategies 
  • 13:25: Anticipate that this year will be different than years past
11/04/2022 at 04:43