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Predictions 2023: Healthcare

As consumers demand a more privacy-first and personalized buying experience, healthcare brands will need to focus their marketing efforts in a way that is audience-first. Knowing how you’ll manage a truly audience-centric approach to your marketing strategies in 2023 will be key to maintaining momentum throughout the year. 

As part of our Predictions 2023 Series, Jalen Jennings (Healthcare Media Manager), gave his two major predictions for the coming year. Interested in learning more? Watch the full video below, or give our recap a read! 

1. Constant audience engagement through personalization. With the deprecation of the cookie on the horizon, knowing your audience is now a core focus for all marketers, and especially for healthcare advertising, which often needs to account for unique factors like HIPAA guidelines and health insurance considerations. A future-proofed and audience-first strategy tailored to what your consumer base wants and needs, depending on where they are in their customer journey, specifically equips you to leverage the full funnel to your advantage. 

Building out content and designing campaigns around specific personas will help keep your different audiences engaged throughout their entire journey.”

A core aspect of targeting key personas with authentic, personalized messaging and creative , and sustaining engagement throughout the funnel, is to intentionally integrate SEO and paid search strategies. By pairing audience-focused search campaigns with content that speaks the language of your target audiences, your brand establishes a strong sense of identity that helps you move users down the funnel — and allows you to match various goals and tactics with the right audience at the right level of engagement. 

2. Local SEO will combat upcoming privacy changes. Healthcare brands can optimize their search presence by focusing on local SEO, which will in turn lead to more traffic and less competition than that on a national scale. 

Our team at Rise knows that placing an emphasis on local SEO is actually a key way for healthcare brands to connect with their consumers.

Through optimization of local pages and review management, Google will reward your local SEO strategy. It’s important to note that Google is constantly changing the way local SEO is seen in the SERP, (i.e. through Google Business Profile) and other algorithmic updates; nailing down your fundamental goals and tactics for local SEO optimization will help your brand maintain a competitive advantage. 

Knowing how to capitalize on audience-centric strategies in combination with local SEO methods will be key to authentically reaching your target audiences throughout 2023 — and making the most of the unique buying experience within healthcare. 

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01/12/2023 at 12:37