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Predictions 2023: Lead Gen

For lead generation marketers, 2023 is going to be all about anticipating shifting consumer trends and attitudes with an audience-centric mindset. Natalia Vera (Lead Gen Media Manager) shares her main three predictions for the unique challenges and trends to come this year in our Predictions 2023 Series

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1. An increased focus on cookieless targeting solutions. The deprecation of the cookie is on the horizon, and that means that privacy is soon to be fundamental to our work as advertisers. Knowing how to design and test innovative new targeting solutions that are privacy-centered will be key for future-proofing once the cookie is officially retired. 

Filling the funnel with more mid and upper funnel ads will be part of every performance marketer’s plan — not just typical conversion-based tactics.”

Leveraging an ad strategy that focuses on a cross-channel view of your full funnel will help grow first-party audience pools that contain high-value users, while also starting the consumer journey that much earlier. In short, it’ll help bring more leads down the funnel.

Check out how our learnings from 2022 support this prediction, and are informing our plan of action in 2023: 

  • CTV is growing at a rapid pace, with more and more users cutting the cord with traditional cable services. There’s a larger audience of viewers, and greater reach, than ever before. This means there will be a greater need for truly interactive creative — not just a simple ad running on a TV screen. Rise is committed to working with our lead generation clients to take advantage of this kind of creative by adding overlays onto ads, menus on the sides that you can control with your remote, or even QR codes to scan with your phone as you watch.

  • Audio advertising will continue to grow in popularity, especially on podcasts. In 2022, podcast placements drove strong results for our clients at Rise. Certain industries (like the gambling industry) are primed to see real growth from tapping into the podcast market. Consumer services brands should be considering taking advantage of all the benefits audio advertising has to offer as part of their awareness tactics in 2023. 

3. Investing in automation now will allow you to innovate throughout 2023. Compiling and analyzing data is something that you could do on your own — but choosing to invest in proper automation processes and resources now is the wiser option. It allows you to be able to focus on strategic innovation and leadership, as opposed to wasting time and energy on manually running your campaigns or analyzing your performance.

AI allows our experts at Rise to be able to focus on strategic leadership and innovation, as opposed to manually keeping everything running.”

Plus, automation will open the door to being able to have more holistic views of cross-channel environments, a necessity when we consider that consumers are expecting the dots to be connected between online and offline experiences. 

With 2023 promising privacy-first and audience-centric trends for lead gen marketers, knowing how to leverage full-funnel campaigns with an upper funnel tactical focus — and smartly using advertising automation to capture your unique audiences along the way — will help you maintain an edge over the competition and properly prepared for what’s to come this year. 

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01/12/2023 at 11:12