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Predictions 2023: The Trade Desk

For Rise’s Predictions 2023 Series, Mina Salami (Head of Strategic Partnerships, Rise Interactive) spoke with Morgan Borkowski (Account Executive, The Trade Desk) about The Trade Desk’s (TTD) unique audience solutions, 2022 wins, and biggest bets for 2023. 

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Borkowski established that one of the biggest challenges brands face today is the fragmentation inherent in the media landscape. This phenomenon drives The Trade Desk's main goal: To help advertisers identify and connect with their most valuable customers, no matter where or how they are engaging across the open web. 

The Trade Desk’s Identity Alliance is a data source that seamlessly combines data about people, households, and devices into a single unified graph. This graph informs planning, activation and measurement in a way that ties media efforts back to business results.

Identity Alliance enables advertisers to leverage a superior cross-device solution that maximizes scale, offers better frequency management and measurement, and helps them confidently engage with their consumers now and in the future. 

First-Party, Retail & Marketplace Data Wins in 2022

Salami wanted to know what the biggest win of 2022 was for The Trade Desk— to which Borkowski replied that two equally important product development triumphs came to mind:

  1. The rollout of the redesigned Solimar. This redesign happened to be the biggest and most successful product launch to date for their business. Solimar’s core purpose is to enable marketers to unleash the power of their valuable first-party data, and to drive greater precision across their digital marketing campaigns, all while advancing privacy measures that center around consumer needs.  

  2. The Trade Desk's Retail Data Marketplace platform. Major milestones were achieved on this platform in 2022 when they introduced integrations with leading retailers including Walgreens, Kroeger and Target. TTD feeds sales data from top retailers into their platform, which allows advertisers, including those who are not endemic to a specific retailer or industry, to create targeting strategies founded on real purchase-based data. They help close the loop in ways that have never been possible before.

In summary: In 2022, TTD was all about first-party data usage, as well as retail and marketplace data. The recent explosion of players in retail media and marketplaces (like the addition of Target and Home Depot) appears to be a natural byproduct of the increased demand for new audience targeting options in a privacy-first world, where third-party cookies are no longer supported.

2023: All About CTV and UID 2.0 for Cross-Channel Success

Backed by a strong foundation of granular and holistic data, and with a privacy-first mindset, TTD is betting on growth in Connected Television (CTV) in 2023. 

“The continued migration from linear TV to streaming devices — we continue to see this shift happening at such a rapid rate,” said Borkowski.   

In fact, 2022 was the first year CTV households in the United States (homes who are getting their TV content via streaming) actually surpassed the number of households with cable subscriptions — and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. With the increase of individuals streaming their content, CTV is quickly becoming a must-buy for advertisers to capture this audience on the largest screen in the home. 

Did you know? Given TTD’s objective stance in the marketplace as the largest demand source for programmatic premium CTV advertising, they are uniquely positioned to help clients bridge the gap between linear TV and data-driven digital media. They’ve forged first to market partnerships with top content providers such as HBO Max, ensuring clients are aligned with the most premium programming.

At Rise, we’re big fans of using granular, cross-channel data to tell our clients’ stories, and TTD boasts significant measurement capabilities that are able to support a holistic approach on channels like CTV. Brands executing cross-channel campaigns on TTD can control frequency across CTV partners and publishers to deliver the best user experience — all while being smarter about ad dollars. 

Beyond CTV, Borkowski also highlighted that focusing on identity will be a major bet for 2023, and beyond. Marketers have been hearing for years about the deprecation of the third-party cookie. And while we can’t pinpoint when that will come to pass, now is the time to be creating a stronger identity solution

This is where TTD’s UID 2.0 comes into play: It’s an industry-wide solution that doesn’t rely on third-party cookies that historically have been used to establish user identity. It’s an elegant DSP solution that will inherently future-proof the way data is accessed and applied to audience targeting.  

In fact, since its initial rollout in 2021, Rise has leveraged UID 2.0 for multiple clients. For example, one of our financial service clients saw 15 times more Site Visits from a UID 2.0 audience segment than from the same segment targeted via other technologies. Data like this proves the continued adoption of UID 2.0 and rollouts of integrations in their Retail Data Marketplace will only make first-party data that much more powerful. 

Scaling Holistic Success For the Future

The past two years have been a time of rapid change for advertisers navigating the open web. The Trade Desk remains in a unique position to help advertisers connect with their customers at scale. Evidenced by their continued investment in measurement and technology to demonstrate the value and return of every dollar in a privacy-first world, The Trade Desk will certainly be a key part of both Rise and our clients’ success stories for years to come.

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