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Predictions 2024: Healthcare

The challenges faced by healthcare marketers stand out distinctly from those encountered by other industries, primarily due to stricter regulations when managing protected health information (PHI). 

As part of our Predictions 2024 series, Majid Kothawala, Solutions Architect at Rise, was tasked with compiling predictions for an industry mired in marketing challenges. He steered his predictions in a different direction by focusing on the essential solutions that healthcare brands should integrate into their digital marketing strategies for 2024.

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Predicted Solution #1: Integrate with a HIPAA Compliant CDP

Kothawala's main solution centers around the importance of integrating with HIPAA compliant customer data platforms (CDP) to directly mitigate the complexities of HIPAA law. Prioritizing this ensures a seamless connection with a brand's technology infrastructure, allowing for business continuity without compromising data security.  

Why? According to HHS, HIPAA-covered entities need a business associate agreement (BAA) in place with each of its third party partners to ensure they only use PHI in approved ways. Finding the right CDP is an integral part of this process and is the only way to allow for relative business as usual. 

*Rise has a robust list of vetted HIPAA compliant solutions that can integrate with a brand’s technology.*

It all starts with your audience. To effectively find and reach your audience using an evolved set of levers, establish a framework that incorporates all available first-party data sources. These sources may include web, apps, calls, CRM, or additional data indexes and sources.

By joining hands with partners like Rise, this process becomes seamless. The inclusion of additional data indexes and sources further enhances the granularity of audience understanding, providing brands with a competitive edge in the evolving landscape.

Predicted Solution #2: Learn and Optimize from the Industry-Wide Change

The second phase of Kothawala’s comprehensive solution focuses on the importance of dynamic adaptation and optimization of strategies in response to the ever-shifting landscape of industry-wide changes. Rise's media optimization platform,  Connex®, emerges as a pivotal catalyst in this context. Beyond integration across diverse channels, Connex empowers brands to intricately map and analyze an array of KPIs across various stages of the sales funnel.

To enhance the decision-making process, Connex incorporates advanced analytics tools, including incrementality and correlation analyses. These analytical approaches offer a deep dive into a campaign’s effectiveness, providing valuable insights to inform strategic optimizations. By understanding the nuanced impact of media investments, brands can make informed decisions on where to allocate their advertising budget effectively across channels, ensuring maximum returns and sustained relevance in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Preparing for Evolution

Rise’s expertise in seamlessly integrating with HIPAA-compliant CDP and dynamically adapting to industry-wide changes positions us as your strategic partner for success in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare marketing. 

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