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Predictions 2024: Meta

Ready to transform how you connect? More than just a collection of platforms and tools, Meta's strategic suite is crafted to foster direct and authentic connections with target audiences through data-centric advertising solutions.

As part of our Predictions 2024 series, Mina Salami (Head of Strategic Partnerships, Rise) joined forces with Victoria Rodriguez (Agency Partner, Meta) at the Rise office to uncover innovative plans for the platform, offering exclusive insights into what the future holds for Meta marketers in 2024.

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Prediction #1: AI Will Fundamentally Change Digital Marketing

Rodriguez started with the buzzword of the year, highlighting, “AI is a huge area of opportunity that we see for our platform, advertisers, and consumers. For a long time social marketers have been focused on either buying placements, or buying audiences, and I think in many ways we can still be focused on those components of campaigns. AI, however, is focused on buying outcomes.”

Meta’s first prediction centers around brands using AI to generate outcomes using generative and predictive AI in two main ways:

1. Content Enhancement with Generative AI

Meta's introduction of generative AI-powered features in Ads Manager is a significant milestone. The technology accelerates creative variation generation, dynamically optimizing towards the best-performing content. Meta envisions businesses leveraging these features to efficiently elevate performance, and create additional ad variations using their brand's voice and style.

2. Targeting and Delivery Optimization with Predictive AI 

Rodriguez expects predictive AI to layer on an entirely new approach to building campaign plans and strategies. Meta’s Advantage+ Suite continues their commitment to innovation, using predictive AI to go beyond identifying audience trends or optimal placements as the foundation of ad planning. Instead, it focuses on learning from artificial intelligence (AI) campaigns to understand the underlying reasons and mechanisms driving success. By emphasizing the "why" and "how" over the "who" and "where," marketers can harness creative triggers, diverse formats, and strategic account compositions for desired outcomes. These aren't just possibilities; they represent proven and potential positive outcomes of AI in advertising.

Brands utilizing Advantage+ audience have experienced a 28% decrease in the average Cost per Click, Lead, or Landing Page View.

Additionally, a forthcoming opportunity, currently in beta testing, is the introduction of product-level videos. As part of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns (ASC) for catalog ads, marketers can now dynamically serve video or static creative based on what is most likely to drive conversions.

Prediction #2: Maximize Outcomes with Advertiser Inputs

Navigating the world of automation and AI can seem intimidating for advertisers, often perceived as a mysterious black box beyond their influence. The reality though is that marketers hold a pivotal role in machine learning by steering the inputs and data that shape the system's decisions. This behind-the-scenes process involves intricate calculations and permutations, consuming time far beyond human capacity.

Rise’s CEO, Larry Fisher, continually emphasizes the significance of input-ready data (it was actually one of his 2023 Predictions!) highlighting that marketers have more control over AI than they realize. Rodriguez shared Meta’s similar concept of "Fuel and Freedom," which urges marketers to fuel the auction machine learning system with diverse inputs and the freedom to increase the granularity of the targeting of their campaigns. Fuel includes signals from Conversions API, clear optimization objectives, and a variety of creative assets for testing. Freedom are the areas where you are relinquishing some constraints in order to prioritize performance, such as utilizing Advantage+ Audiences, automated solutions like ASC, and crafting versatile creatives for multiple placements in a campaign. This strategic combination of fuel and freedom empowers marketers to control inputs while entrusting the machines with the intricate task of calculating thousands of permutations.

Prediction #3: Boosting Performance with Reels

Creative determines what type of people you will reach - whether you’re a cautious healthcare client or a lead-generating insurance business. As the delivery systems for ads continuously evolves, the fusion of AI and machine learning plays a pivotal role for brands from finance to education in precisely pairing the right creative with individuals poised for conversion. Savvy marketers from sectors beyond expectations will need to leverage Reels this year to maximize performance and connection:

  • Half of Meta's 3.8 billion monthly users, spend their time watching video content on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Since its introduction in 2021, Reels has proven to be a game-changer, contributing to a 24% surge in user engagement on Instagram. 
  • Reels now command a staggering 200 billion daily views, marking a substantial increase from just a few months ago.

Reels stands out due to its unique user behavior, setting it apart from other features like Feed, Stories, or Messenger. Learning the language of Reels is how brands can create content that converts. Reels users are in a perpetual state of discovery, actively seeking out content, brands, and interactions beyond their established preferences. Rodriguez reinforced this mindset as it offers advertisers a goldmine of opportunities to engage audiences in compelling and unique ways.

What sets Rise Interactive apart in this Reels creative arena is our unique approach. The secret lies in the seamless integration of our CX team with channel and client experts. This close partnership empowers us to make data-informed creative decisions, ensuring the content not only looks great but also delivers real results.

Meta's focus on creative ingenuity within platforms like Reels signifies a commitment to not just reacting to and participating in trends but actively shaping the narrative. Reels is not just a platform for entertainment; it's a dynamic arena where brands strategically position themselves to capture the attention of a vast and engaged audience, aligning seamlessly with evolving consumer behaviors and preferences.

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