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Reach the Big Audience with Connected TV

As viewership of streaming services continues to grow in America, individuals can now expect access to a highly flexible and personalized watching experience. This change in viewing habits has dramatically impacted the TV advertising ecosystem, causing advertisers to think about the new way to get their brand on the biggest screen in the house. Connected TV users in the US stand at more than 180 million today and are projected to reach more than 200 million viewers—or approximately 60% percent of the population—by 2020. Capitalizing on this audience is especially important in Q1 and Q2, which include the most-watched annual TV events in America: entertainment awards season and the Super Bowl. Here are three advantages to adding CTV to your digital media budget right now:

It’s Not Too Late

Don’t be discouraged by brands already releasing pre-Super Bowl content. Once you have creative on-hand, the process of buying CTV ads programmatically is much faster than buying traditional cable spots. With flexible bidding options and quick activation, CTV ads are making it more accessible than ever to get your brand seen on-screen.

Reach Cord Cutters who have broken up with traditional TV

According to the eMarketer 2019 US Connected TV Advertising report, 44% of the US population will not be reachable through Linear [Cable] TV by 2023, and if your target audience is primary millennials or Gen Z, that reality will arrive much sooner. Many viewers of upcoming TV events will be accessing these programs solely through streaming devices, and that translates to money left on the table—that is, if CTV isn’t part of your digital media plan.

Take advantage of CTV flexibility and measurement capabilities

Running your advertisements on Connected TV devices allows for complete control of your audience, bid pricing, and scale. This puts the control back in the hands of the brand, allowing the advertiser to go as niche or as broad as it fits for their goals. When advertising during these highly viewed events, you not only gain brand awareness, but you also follow that customer journey afterward. Through cross-device targeting technology, we are able to see how that user interacts with your brand moving forward in different environments—proving out the value of that original ad. We use 1:1 impression to conversion attribution, depending on if that conversion is a sale, sign-up, or even an in-store visit with location-based data.

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01/29/2020 at 01:34