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Rise Interactive Named 2020 Partner Collaborator of the Year by Invoca

At the 2020 Invoca Summit, Rise Interactive was named the 2020 Partner Collaborator of the Year by Invoca. Invoca is a leading conversation intelligence platform that enables users with conversation data to drive better experiences, more conversions, and higher revenue.

“The Partner Collaboration award recognizes an agency partner that has demonstrated advanced applications of Invoca’s call tracking technology, has a culture of co-innovation, and, of course, is delivering exceptional client results,” said Gregg Johnson, CEO at Invoca. “Rise has pushed the industry in each of these three areas, and their vision of the future of digital marketing is one I believe in. We couldn’t be happier to recognize Rise and look forward to the continued partnership."

“Technologies like Invoca exist to help marketers understand the impact of online advertising on their bottom line,” says Brent Laufenberg, Chief Technology Officer at Rise. “We recommend solutions like Invoca to brands whose customers engage on the phone as an important touchpoint in the customer journey -- think healthcare, home services, financial services, high consideration purchases, and so on. Brands need a better way to understand which keywords and ads are generating phone calls with qualified individuals who ultimately purchase and drive revenue for the business. By analyzing this information and identifying patterns, advertisers can cut their losses and shift spend away from tactics that don’t lead to real dollars at the end of the day. And, they can double down on efforts that help their best customers discover the brand and convert.”

Rise is an agency trailblazer in integrating offline data sources with online performance metrics to drive better client results. Rise’s cross-channel media technology, Connex®, aggregates data from the major advertising platforms along with offline data such as phone conversions or in-store sales; Connex then mines that data to take action on optimization opportunities within and across channels.

“Integrating offline data into the digital ecosystem enables our team of analytical marketers to spend our clients’ budgets smarter. There are more communication channels between consumers and brands than ever before in the history of advertising, and that universe is only going to continue to expand,” says Larry Fisher, CEO of Rise Interactive. “Marketers are grappling with how to make sense of all of the information, and answering one of the most important marketing questions--where should I spend my next dollar?--has become staggeringly complex. That’s why Rise is focused on building technology that allows our team to answer this question with data insights that no other agency has. Building the comprehensive data set and functionality to identify trends and surface opportunities was step one, and we are continuing to innovate for the future by automating how media is optimized across all channels based on these insights. Partnering with leading offline measurement technologies like Invoca will continue to be a core part of our vision and strategy for cross-channel media management.”

10/27/2020 at 10:20