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Rise Shares 2020 Predictions for the Digital Media Landscape

If you read our recap of digital media’s most notable changes of 2019, you won’t be surprised to read here that our team is predicting an impactful 2020. Though varied in their perspectives, a couple of our Rise leaders even agree that privacy will take the forefront of digital media discussions this year. Read their responses below.

Paid Search

"A potentially significant change to be mindful of in your 2020 search program is what happens at the federal level with regard to data protection rights for individuals. Just this month, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect, which is a state statute intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California.

Stemming from GDPR being rolled out in Europe in 2018, these consumer protection rights will undoubtedly have an impact on advertiser’s ability to leverage remarketing tactics that are currently in place."

Donny Nordmann, Associate Director, PPC


"This year will include expanded targeting options for bidding, including day-parting, device segmenting, and additional categorical targeting. Amazon has also been slowly rolling out different Sponsored Brand ads, including video and ads that feature the store page more prominently. We envision that this trend will continue into 2020, as Amazon focuses on giving customers the optimal shopping experience."

Eddie Suarez, Associate Manager, Amazon


“In 2020, I think we’ll see a continued push towards privacy and increasing challenges around data collection/data monetization on social platforms. New laws around privacy and self-imposed restrictions on user data will continue to make it challenging for 1st parties to collect and activate on data from their users and find data from 3rd party providers.”

Todd Meadow, Director, Social & Media Operations


“Understanding an evolving privacy landscape and how it impacts targeting and measurement will be important in your 2020 programmatic strategy. We've already seen a lot of media partners push more contextually focused tactics in anticipation of the CCPA regulation going into effect on 1/1/2020. Rise continues to push our partners for full transparency into all changes, acting as a leader in the space.”

Dave Locke, Director, Programmatic & Affiliate


“Voice has continuously been predicted as the next big trend and should be on the radar. Voice search volume will likely continue to grow, and it will be important to continue analyzing and optimizing for that.

Given SEO’s importance on all search results (not only search engines such as Google and Bing), Amazon’s continued growth will demand a strong SEO strategy within the retail media networks in 2020.

Lastly, quality content will always be key. As Google continues to refine its practices, your dedication to generating relevant, quality content in 2020 will not be time wasted.”

Elizabeth Lang, Associate Director, SEO

Influencer Marketing

“Influencer Marketing will continue to evolve in 2020. We expect that influencers will demand more control over the content brands would like to distribute in order to optimize their feeds based on what resonates with their audience.

We also expect lead quality to play an important role in lead generation focused initiatives. Rise invested in fraud mitigation technology in 2019 in order to ensure we were only purchasing the highest quality inventory, and we will continue to push our partners in 2020 to only work with the highest quality publishers.”

Dave Locke, Director, Programmatic & Affiliate

Read more of our perspective in our recap of 2019, and contact us to learn how Rise can be a partner to you this year.

01/21/2020 at 02:03