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Riser Spotlight

We kicked off 2016 with some great conversations with Risers from our client services, account management, and digital strategy teams. From a typical day in their current roles to their biggest motivations, they shared details of their experiences working here at Rise. Read more about what they said below. 

Q. What do you do in your current role? 

“I help cultivate new relationships for Rise. Working specifically in the financial services, healthcare, education, and media verticals, I help companies develop strategies to reach their goals and understand the importance of having a strategic partner like Rise." – Evan

“In my role, I optimize websites to improve search engine rankings, thereby driving online traffic and revenue for our clients.” – Madina

“I perform a variety of tasks, including outreach to affiliates to grow our clients’ affiliate programs, building text links for affiliates to promote on their individual sites, and building newsletters to send out weekly to our affiliates. I continue to learn and take on new tasks each week.” – Jake

“I project manage several accounts, while providing strategic insight on their current digital initiatives. I work hard to keep our internal teams and the client as organized as possible in a constantly evolving atmosphere.” – Kelsey


Q. What makes Rise stand out as a workplace? 

“Rise is not only an incredible place to work, but it is unique. Everyone here goes above and beyond to help the agency continue to grow and remain one of the best places to work. Every team is willing to work with other teams – whether it is problem solving or testing out new and innovative ideas for our clients. Working at Rise has been one of the greatest learning experiences I have had thus far. I truly learn something new every day and get to apply it to my work.” – Jake

“Rise is different because of the rigor and enthusiasm we bring to everything we do. Whether we're giving a capabilities presentation, hosting a marketing event, or throwing a company happy hour, we do it with an energy you can feel.” 
– Evan

“For me, it is the ability to grow and learn every day while building success for our clients. It’s amazing to be part of an evolving industry and capture those changes.” – Madina

“Our fantastic culture. I am so very thankful to be working with such a strong, helpful, intelligent, fun, and hard-working team!” – Kelsey 


Q. What’s something you’re proud of accomplishing at Rise or looking forward to accomplishing this year?

“I feel as though I've accomplished a good flow of communication between the clients and our internal teams. Our clients' digital marketing needs change often, so providing a solid line of communication is vital.” – Kelsey

“I’m most proud when I’m able to see our work go live on clients’ websites and drive results. I’m happy when the client is happy!” – Madina

“This year, I look forward to growing as a digital marketer and a leader within my team, as well as establishing Rise as a champion in the financial services space.” – Evan


Q. What motivates you?

“I’m motivated by challenges and learning about new trends in digital marketing. I love overcoming challenges, expanding my knowledge, and helping clients achieve their goals.” – Madina

“The unbelievable people within Rise constantly motivate me to get better. You can't help but be impressed and inspired to up your game.” – Evan 

“As cheesy as it might sound, my teammates at Rise motivate me. They encourage me to push myself, continue learning the field of affiliate marketing, and to be more confident in myself. I came into this job knowing quite little about affiliate marketing and my team urged me to dive into the deep end. In other words, it is really motivating to have a team that continuously encourages me to face new challenges and become a stronger asset to our team.” 
– Jake 


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