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Riser Spotlight

Four Risers recently shared a glimpse into their work and the team dynamics at Rise. Read on to learn what members of our innovation, digital strategy, creative, and display teams had to say about their roles at Rise.

Q. What do you do in your current role?

“I manage the front-end software engineering teams building the next generation of Rise products.” – Alberto

“I build and manage a variety of display and native campaigns on several different platforms. This includes determining the appropriate tactics for a client's goals, testing creative messaging in dynamic display banner ads, and using multiple sources of data to optimize campaign performance.” – Kailey

“I’m involved in both the creative strategy and execution of content creation for clients. This varies from day to day but includes static, motion, and web design.” – Jonathan

“My team is the growth engine at Rise. In my role, I am focused on sourcing new opportunities, finding the best-fit clients for Rise through strategic outreach, and formulating digital strategies for prospective clients.” – Maggie

Q. How would you describe your team?

“Everyone on the digital strategy team comes from a different background, yet we all have a similar entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for what we do. We all learn from each other every day and our team is the best in the industry, in my opinion! We also have a lot of fun and share many laughs together.” – Maggie

“My team handles display, native, audio, and video for the media team at Rise. As a more recent addition, I admire that every member of our team has supported me in learning the ins and outs of the rapidly-evolving digital Lumascape. In addition, we are constantly working together on a variety of campaigns and projects that reflect Rise’s culture of collaboration.” – Kailey

“What always strikes me is how we all do similar things, but we are all so different and come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. I think this diversity really helps us work as a team. – Jonathan

“We have a world-class software engineering team that can solve any problem you put in front of them. Working with a bunch of smart, driven, (and hilarious) folks makes me look forward to coming to work every day.” – Alberto

Q. What is your favorite part of working at Rise?

“I value that as we continue to grow, we are always asking, ‘How can we do things better?’ Whether it’s the employee services team seeking feedback on company culture, or examining a specific strategy's performance for display, there is no sense of complacency across the company. I like to describe it as a ‘buzz’ in the office.” – Kailey

“The people. Risers are passionate, do not take no for an answer, and possess an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. The energy here is contagious!” – Maggie

“My favorite part about working at Rise is the people I interact with every day. The entire company is full of energetic, fun, and brilliant people.” – Alberto

Q. What's the best career advice you've ever received?

"While learning specific things is important, what’s more important is knowing HOW to learn.” – Jonathan

“First, to always think about the why. This is very important for what we do on our team. For example, asking, ‘Why are they asking the question?’, or ‘Why are they looking for a particular solution?’ Secondly, keep it short and simple! Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than lengthy jargon and buzzwords.” – Maggie

“Don’t be afraid to fail and take some risks. In order to innovate, you have try new approaches.” – Alberto

“Show gratitude. It speaks significantly to your character. Whether it is a simple email, or a more elaborate handwritten note, it shows that you have taken thought and care in expressing thanks. It also helps foster and maintain relationships.” – Kailey

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