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Riser Spotlight

Four Risers recently shared a snapshot into what it’s like to be Risers. Read on to find out what members of our innovation, paid search, CX, and analytics teams had to share about their roles at Rise and what motivates them the most.

Q. What do you do in your current role?


“In addition to development on the innovation team, I help keep the Connex data team on track.” – Rich

“I help our clients hit their business goals using data-driven paid search strategies.” – Rachel

“I'm a senior software engineer. I'm constantly striving to deliver the best customer experience through web applications and design.” – Steve

“I craft and manage user experience analytics strategies for several clients. These strategies are specifically focused on improving website conversion rate by understanding visitors’ behaviors and underlying motives, and utilizing this data to reduce friction and remove obstacles.” – Patrizia

Q. What is your favorite part of working at Rise?


“The opportunity to work with a lot of smart and passionate Risers.” – Rachel

“The drive to succeed is in each and every individual at Rise. As our agency continues to grow, I have realized there are more and more people I have not interacted with, but I am continuously impressed with this persistent drive with every new interaction I come across. This speaks volumes to our amazing talent acquisition team!” – Patrizia

“I really love the atmosphere of the office. Everyone is there to help you as individual grow both professionally and personally.” – Steve

“The people and the culture we have created is the best part of working at Rise.” – Rich

Q. Tell me about your team and what you like most about it.


“I love having awesome coworkers that are both inspiring and curious. We all continue to look for the bleeding edge when it comes to technology, design, and content.” –Steve

“Everyone on our paid search team is humorous, friendly, and talented. While we might come from different cultures, we share the same goal—to deliver exceptional client service.” – Rachel

“We are a relatively young, but smart and motivated data development team. I enjoy the fact that we can not only spend all day working together, but we can also enjoy a drink or dinner together after work.” – Rich

“The analytics team at large is composed of several sub-teams focused on a particular aspect of what Rise deems the analytics maturity curve. Collectively, we have a solution for any client problem we are presented with and this is numero uno in what makes this team awesome. Plus, we mix work with play well and create a lively environment that is delightful to be a part of day in and day out.” – Patrizia

Q: What motivates you?


“My dream to use my knowledge across media, statistics, and customer service to help improve marketing motivated me to join Rise.” – Rachel

“My teammates motivate me the most. They are definitely the hardest working individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Whether it’s delivering on a client report, spending hours researching a potential solution, or innovating our service line, my teammates always bring their best to the table and their passionate energy motivates me to do the same.” – Patrizia

“The need to constantly test out new technologies. Everyday the tech space is changing and this keeps things interesting.” – Steve

To learn more about what it’s like to work at Rise, visit our Facebook or Careers page.

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