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Scaling Beyond Amazon

As Amazon continues to develop more features and functions for its own advertising products, they are also creating more ways for brands and marketers to maximize traffic and sales to touchpoints outside of—think Alexa, Fire TV, and Kindle. Brands are constantly trying to optimize their campaigns and get the most out of their media dollars, so it’s imperative for them to know which channels are performing the best and be able to push more budget to those channels. In order to do this, Rise has created a unique approach with our Interactive Investment Management® (IIM) philosophy. IIM means viewing and evaluating digital marketing channels holistically and allocating budget to the best performing channels regardless of where they are being managed. We have developed strategies to leverage PPC, SEO, or even social media data, to help influence Amazon optimizations. We have also created strategies to maximize sales in Amazon by sending other channel media back into Amazon.
Maximizing Traffic to Amazon
So, how does a brand maximize traffic to Amazon? First, it starts with an established presence known as an Amazon Storefront. Amazon recently rolled out the capability for brands to create the dedicated page(s) which are customizable by the brand. They can design, create sub-categories for, and dictate which, and in what order, products are featured. On Amazon search results pages, brands frequently lack ability to 100% control how their products are being represented. The available customization within a brand’s Storefront is a great way for a brand to stay true to its image.
Even more recently, Amazon created the ability for brands to leverage custom Amazon store tags. These tags can be appended to media campaign URLs enabling brands to track all consumer behavior within the Amazon store. For example, this means that brands can now set up Google paid search campaigns that have a goal of driving Amazon sales. By leveraging the custom store tags, brands can now measure their Google performance (impressions, cost, clicks), but also how that data translates to an Amazon purchase (conversion rate or sales.) The same can be done for Facebook or other social media campaigns, as well.
Getting Better Insights For Your Campaigns, Faster
With all of this data, and the ways to drive traffic and maximize your Amazon sales available to all brands, how does one stand out and succeed over competitors? It’s all about measurement. Brands that are able to get the best campaign insights the fastest are the ones that will find the most success in creating efficiencies and maximizing performance. In order to ensure that our clients are getting the best insights, and getting them fast, Rise built Connex®. Connex is our proprietary analytics platform that is used for real-time budget and revenue pacing, deep-level insights, as well as cross-channel insights.
By creating a platform that aggregates Amazon, Google, Bing, SEO, and Programmatic data in one single dashboard, we have been able to extract extremely rich insights, expanding across multiple channels. This access to data is what gives our clients a significant competitive advantage. Whether it’s looking at which products drive the most revenue, or what a product’s ROAS is on Google vs. Amazon, or which keyword is most efficient to buy and on which engine, the Rise team is constantly focused on looking across channels to create the best use of our client’s budgets.

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10/17/2018 at 02:58