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New Schema Markup Available During COVID-19

What is Schema Markup?
Schema markup helps improve search engines' understanding of site content and can influence how organic search results are displayed. The implementation of schema markup may boost existing organic search efforts by contributing to increases in search result snippet size. It is important to note, however, that search engines may or may not choose to show provided recommendations in search results after schema markups are implemented.

New Schema Markup Types Released accelerated the release of new schema markup types in response to COVID-19 on March 17, 2020. New types of schema markup include the following:

  • “SpecialAnnoucement”
  • New Features for Event Schema Markup including: eventStatus, VirtualLocation, eventAttendanceMode, and previousStartDate
  • "CovidTestingFacility"

Why Use New Schema Markup Types
New schema markup types released are businesses' opportunity to communicate with searchers how their business is being impacted by COVID-19. Implementing schema markup increases the ability for search engines to understand the information on the page and can make it more likely for the information to appear in rich snippets within search results.

When & How To Use New Schema Markup Types During COVID-19
1. “SpecialAnnoucement” Schema Markup

  • Markup pages associated with announcements around COVID-19
  • Potential announcement types include changes in schedules, cancelling/rescheduling of events, and closing of stores

2. New Features for Event Schema Markup

  • Markup event pages to communicate if events have been canceled, postponed, rescheduled, or moved online-only
  • For online-only events, indicate how consumers can participate/attend events during this time

3. “CovidTestingFacility” Schema Markup

  • Markup to be used only for permanent and temporary testing facilities offering services during this time

How to Implement Schema Markup

  • For new event schema markup features, add applicable features to existing event schema markup based on the type of change your event is experiencing.
  • For SpecialAnnouncement schema markup, use the below template and replace items in bold with information specific to your business. Place the code in the <head> tag of applicable pages.

If you need help with your website during this time, don't hesitate to contact Rise.




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