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The 2017 Forrester Search Wave: Search Marketing Continues to Evolve

Last month, Forrester released The Forrester Wave™: Search Marketing Agencies, Q4 2017 and named Rise as one of the top 12 most significant search marketing agency providers. This is Rise’s second appearance on Forrester’s prestigious Search Wave Report. Last year, we debuted on the list and we are proud to have been recognized as a Strong Performer once again for our data-driven approach and the superior results we are driving for our clients.

The Wave Report identified a few key areas brands need to consider in order to stay competitive in the evolving search landscape:

  • The importance of an integrated cross-channel strategy that evolves beyond search
  • The growing emphasis on non-traditional search engines like Pinterest, Amazon, Trivago, niche directories, and more
  • The need for strong and quick reporting and analytics capabilities

At Rise, we are honing our skills and building the technologies necessary to ensure our clients are prepared to stay ahead. Here are a few ways we’re approaching these areas and their importance for marketers.

In Depth Reporting and Analytics
From its inception, Rise has been a data-driven agency. This holds true in all areas of our business and especially within search marketing. In fact, Forrester gave us the highest score possible in the report’s Reporting and Analytics criterion. Our team is committed to providing holistic reporting technology that enables us to analyze data across all channels and search engines, from traditional search engines to marketplace engines (such as Amazon.) We’re focused not just on uncovering the right insights, but on providing the speed to insight that gives marketers an edge. Through our proprietary technology, Connex®, we’re empowering brands to make better marketing decisions, faster.

Why is it important?
In a competitive search environment, many brands may have access to the same insights and information. However, those who are able to take a holistic view of their campaigns and uncover and act on insights in real-time will come out ahead. And, as search strategies become more complex, it’s necessary to have the right technology to access these insights at scale.

Non-traditional Search Expertise As Forrester mentions in the Wave Report, most search agencies have mastered the basics of traditional SEO and paid search. Non-traditional search platforms are less charted territory, yet are capturing a significant amount of market share. Amazon in particular is growing its footprint within bottom-of-funnel search. Our team has made it a priority to fully understand Amazon and its capabilities in order to drive maximum results for our clients. We’re incorporating Amazon into comprehensive search strategies and driving campaign performance through granular campaign structures, keywords, and products. This includes understanding how Amazon best integrates with brands’ existing strategies and how keyword spend can be allocated across search engines to maximize return. Our proprietary reporting and tools enable us to quickly answer questions that sometimes cannot even be answered within Amazon itself.

Why is it important?
Roughly 55% of consumers start their product searches on Amazon and 90% will check Amazon even if they’ve found a product somewhere else. While the search engine has enormous search marketing potential, it is still a newer market and has its advertising growing pains. For marketers looking to enter the space, having an agency partner that is experienced with Amazon is vital for optimum success.

Integrated Search Strategies
Having cross-channel visibility across digital marketing channels and removing silos enables marketers to take a holistic approach. This is especially true within paid and organic search. Our integrated approach to search ensures our clients’ organic and paid programs are working together as efficiently as possible. This includes understanding how keywords break down across channels and creating combined search goals. Through Connex, we are able to navigate the performance of complex search programs quickly and at scale. In fact, Forrester shared that, “Marketers looking to answer the question, ‘When should I buy a keyword versus try to rank for it organically versus do both?’ will finally find a data-driven answer with Rise Interactive.”

Why is it important?
Brands that manage SEO and paid search in silos are missing out on a wealth of opportunities to optimize performance and spend. By setting combined search goals that leverage the attributes of both channels, marketers are able to make the greatest impact and continually adjust spend based on performance.

Learn more about the report and download a complimentary copy here. To learn more about Rise’s data-driven approach to search marketing, reach out to our team.

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