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There's an Alert for That: The Lead Gen Marketer's Edition

At Rise, we’re all about helping our clients make smarter marketing decisions by acting on cross-channel data in real time. In this latest installment of There’s an Alert for That, I’ll illuminate three common challenges that today’s lead gen marketers are facing, and give some tangible solutions rooted right in our very own Connex Alerts technology . Keep reading for a look at a handful of real-time Alerts designed to alleviate the headaches of the modern lead gen marketer.

Challenge #1: I’ve spent too much of my budget on conversions that don’t result in revenue.

To best solve this challenge, it’s vital to make sure you see all the data associated with generating a lead. 

If phone calls are part of your customers’ conversion path, then those offline calls need to be integrated with their online counterpart. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry: Our partner, Invoca, takes the guesswork out of connecting calls back to your CRM system, making it infinitely easier to evaluate that new data among metrics like qualified leads, revenue, and other cross-channel media performance data points available in Connex.

Now that you’re able to see all of your data in Connex, it’s time for the fun part: Hand-picking what you want to be notified about in your Connex Alert. Remember, every metric— from clicks to ROAS— is fair game, so the Connex Alerts world, truly, is your oyster. 

Here are a few Alert examples that would help you instantly understand which ad, tactic, keyword, campaign, or audience was, or wasn’t, driving won revenue:

  • Trigger an alert when I’ve spent more than $X on a keyword, campaign, or audience and it’s produced less than $Y in won revenue. → This data point gives you the real-time opportunity to shift budget away from poor performers and towards keywords, campaigns, or audiences that are truly paying off.
  • Trigger an alert when an ad’s conversion rate is less than X% for Y number of days. → This information helps you see when an ad may be due for a creative or copywriting refresh, before it causes your campaign’s entire conversion rate to take a turn for the worse.
  • Trigger an alert when a single keyword has driven more than $X in won revenue during Y period of days. → Alerts aren’t just to help you minimize loss; they can also help maximize profits! This Alert helps you capitalize on a keyword’s demand while it’s hot.

Challenge #2: Each location has its own budget and goals; It’s too time consuming (not to mention stressful) to manage the nuances of every location.

Whether your lead gen business is a complex web of franchise locations like our client Stanley Steemer, or your campaign structure simply needs to account for regional or other differences, it’s not uncommon for a “simple” new campaign to turn into a challenging feat. Thankfully, Connex Alerts can help break the overwhelming complexities down to campaigns that are both independently manageable and reflective of overarching business goals. Here are a few examples:

  • Trigger an alert if my CPL increases by more than X% for our Y location. → With this data, you can instantly see when a certain location’s cost is overpowering its allotted budget– and adjust accordingly.
  • Trigger an alert when we’re off-pace by X% on our Y location’s Display campaign. → If your Day 15 campaign metrics are looking more like Day 2 numbers, this Alert can help you course correct before you’ve lost valuable dollars and time.
  • Trigger an alert when I’ve spent more than $X on our Y location’s PPC campaign, but the volume of booked services for that location is less than Z. → Unfortunately, you can’t go back in time. This information could help you notice any underperformance trends early on, before the month, week, or day is over.

Challenge #3: Our reporting infrastructure does not allow for the complexities of differing revenue margins across our multiple service lines.

Your reports are only as good as the data within them, and you need to make sure your reporting infrastructure represents the nuances of each individual service line, while also honoring the business goals of your entire organization. Here are a few example Alerts that can help:

  • Trigger an alert if X service line’s revenue falls below Y% of total business revenue. → With this data, you can see when a particular line of business offerings is not pulling its weight in the area of won revenue. This signals to your team that it may be time to “step it up” for the associated campaign(s).
  • Trigger an alert when X service line’s campaign or an associated keyword is exceeding Y% of revenue with less than Z% of spend. → This information helps you see which service lines are delivering profitable results, so you can make your highest-revenue-driving business segments work even harder to drive organizational goals.

As you can see, Connex Alerts are as versatile as they are fast (and they’re in real time!). Whether you’re looking to act quickly on a surging keyword, or want to make sure that the campaigns spending the most budget are also bringing in the most revenue, we can almost guarantee you— there’s an Alert for that.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Connex Alerts can take your lead generation efforts to new heights, reach out to Rise today. 

06/07/2022 at 09:19