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Using Amazon DSP to Leverage Audience Data

Advertising on Amazon goes beyond Sponsored Products and Brands. In order to maximize sales and customer reach, you need to utilize Amazon DSP. Expanding customer reach is a constant puzzle brands are trying to solve but with Amazon DSP, marketers can immediately unlock access to its exclusive audiences and ad placements, capturing the full advertising funnel.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to reach a wide variety of audiences. As a brand, you are able to buy video and display ads across Amazon’s Owned & Operated services as well as third-party websites across the internet. With help from Amazon’s exclusive first-party data, the platform is ahead of others in these areas:

  • Audiences - Customize any kind of audience your brand wants to target, based on the broadest of categories, or specific products of your own… and your competitors.
  • Placements - Compete for ad placements on third-party websites and devices, and take advantage of the ability to advertise on Amazon’s exclusive Owned & Operated services and apps.
  • Insights - Utilize Amazon’s extensive reporting tools to measure your brand’s DSP performance, including closed loop reporting that records the full life of a purchase.

How Can I Take Advantage of Amazon DSP?

How often are brands serving ads and not converting? Rise typically sees that roughly 80-90% of paid page visitors do not convert. That means the vast majority of shoppers that actually make it to your PDP do not purchase, resulting in massive missed opportunities. But, this is where DSP can help.

  • Where to start? Target non-converters by setting up remarketing campaigns that focus on these shoppers that did not purchase. Deliver and optimize relevant ads to the same audiences across devices and ad formats to help drive greater relevance and improve campaign performance.
  • Don’t stop there! Enhance your reach to audiences that are browsing products similar to yours. These audiences are already looking at the same types of products and they just need to see what you have to offer. This allows brands to bring in a new set of shoppers that are right on the fringe.
  • Go even further! Generate in-market awareness and consideration to create top-of-funnel traffic. Although this audience isn’t looking specifically at products but is categorical shopping—meaning looking in the department or the same lifestyle as your brand—they are more high-funnel but can provide the opportunity to reach further and create new conversions.
  • Don’t forget to prospect! Amazon’s exclusive targeting feature allows brands to create audiences based on their competitor’s product purchases, views, and more. You are able to input competitor ASINs and advertise your own products directly against theirs. This. Is. Huge.

With advantages from Amazon’s exclusive first-party audiences to their competitor product targeting features, Amazon DSP can help your brand expand its audience reach far beyond what it is today.

If you’re interested in learning more about Amazon DSP, please contact Rise.

10/30/2019 at 01:16